Global Research Gets Global Recognition

An accolade of awards in 2014/2015

19/08/2015 Barcelona

Víctor Martínez de Albéniz
Professor Víctor Martínez Albéniz has been bestowed the Research Excellence Award / Photo: Edu Ferrer

IESE faculty’s research gains international recognition this academic year. Their intense and rigorous research activities garnered more than a dozen awards and acknowledgments. Not only from leading institutions, but also from specialized academic publications as well as from numerous entities committed to the creation and dissemination of business management knowledge.

Dual recognitions

The prestigious Academy of Management (AoM) recognized the works of two IESE professors with the Best Paper Proceedings 2015 award. Pascual Berrone for his paper, "The Power of One: How CEO Power Affects Corporate Environmental Sustainability" and Antonino Vaccaro, for his article, "How Multiple Embeddedness Can Facilitate the Implementation of Institutional Change."

They have been selected to present during the annual meeting of this renowned institution, which will take place in August in Vancouver, Canada.

Pascual Berrone has also been awarded the IBM Faculty Award 2015 in recognition of his work as a professor and researcher in the area of strategies for sustainable urban development.

Aditionally, Antonino Vaccaro received a Special Mention in the 2014 edition of the Alziator Prize for his book, "Addiopizzio. La Rivoluzione dei Consumi Contro la Mafia," written with Pico Di Trapani, which describes the compelling story of an NGO created in 2004 by a group of young entrepreneurs to combat extortion imposed by the Sicilian mafia.

Award winning articles

IESE professors articles published in leading scientific reviews also received diverse awards. A firm, specialized in responsible investment, awarded Prof. Fabrizio Ferraro the Sustainalytics Prize for Academic Research in 2014 for "Why talk? A Process Model of Dialogue in Shareholder Engagement" (IESE Insight article).

An article by Prof. Stefan Stremersch was named the best paper published in 2014 in the International Journal of Research in Marketing. His paper "From Academic Research to Marketing Practice: Exploring the Marketing Science Value Chain," was written with John F. Roberts, of London Business School, and Ujwal Kayande, of Melbourne Business School (IESE Insight article).

Career awards

Research initiatives were not alone in the awards ceremonies this year. Five IESE professors also received recognition for their life-long careers, dedicated to research and dissemination of theory and company management practice:

  • Prof. Pedro Nueno: awarded the Commendation of the Order of Isabel the Catholic by the King of Spain, for his role as "educational ambassador" outside Spain and his work encouraging cooperation between Spain and other countries.

  • Prof. Antonio Argandoña: bestowed the Ramón Mullerat Honorary Prize for his personal trajectory in the promotion of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, given by the Fundación Corresponsables.

  • Prof. Stefan Stremersch: presented the prestigious International Francqui Chair. One of the honorary chairs given by the Francqui Foundation to professors who have excelled in their respective fields of specialization.

  • Prof. Víctor Martínez de Albéniz: winner of the XIV Sabadell Herrero Prize for Economic Research from the Banco Sabadell Foundation. This marks him as a promising young researcher in the field of business management.

  • Prof. Miguel Ángel Gallo: named Academic of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain in recognition of his academic career in the area of family business.

Acknowledgments in-house

Lastly, the IESE Alumni Association also presented its Research Excellence Awards (news item). In its 2014 edition, those awarded were Prof. Víctor Martínez de Albéniz for his article "Split-Award Auctions for Supplier Retention", published in Management Science (IESE Insight article), and Prof. Gaizka Ormazabal for his article "Proxy Advisory Firms and Stock Option Repricing" published in the Journal of Accounting & Economics (IESE Insight article). The IESE Research Excellence Awards also acknowledged Rob Johnson and Heinrich Liechtenstein for their MBA course"ENFI Financing Entrepreneurial Opportunities."