Blended Learning to Benefit You

Innovative format offers flexibility and enhanced efficiency

01/09/2015 Barcelona

IESE Business School
IESE blended and virtual learning. Connecting students around the globe / Photo: Edu Ferrer

For busy executives, time spent out of the office is limited – and precious.

So investing in an executive education program to accelerate performance and deliver benefits, while desirable, hinges on efficient use of hours spent inside the classroom –and flexibility to fit tight schedules outside of it.

And that’s not all.

Programs must provide executives with actionable insights, skills and knowledge that they can immediately apply at work.

The Benefits of Blended

The decision to take a program usually boils down to a single question: "Will this help me achieve my goals?" The second question is: "Will it do this efficiently?"

In order to deliver results that tick all the boxes, IESE offers a broad spectrum of programs that combine residential activities with online delivery of program content for an enhanced, blended learning experience.

The goal of blended programs is to deliver foundational knowledge online, through live webinars, interactive online discussions and structured videos of recorded lectures.

This online delivery offers greater convenience, allowing executives to learn, reflect and hone skills without additional travel time.

Blended program participants not only gain early access to the material, enabling them to apply it immediately in their workplace, but also arrive at residential sessions ready to discuss relevant issues with their peers.

And the discussion-based format delivers additional and multiple benefits, including the ability to delve deeper into topics, while broadening perspectives and driving innovative thinking through the interchange of experience and ideas.

New Blended Programs for the New Academic Year

IESE is introducing the blended format to more programs for the 2015-2016 academic year.

One of the first to be transformed is the Spanish-language Focused Program Traducir la Creatividad y la Innovación a Resultados, which will be held on the Barcelona campus in February. This will be followed in May by the Focused Program Dirección Estratégica de RRHH: Personas, Crecimiento y Resultados, also in Barcelona.

And continuous education programs for alumni are also set to incorporate a blended dimension with streaming, video and online elements scheduled for the new academic year to enrich the learning experience.