Seven Sectors to Keep on the Radar

Industry Meetings take a look at the future of business

10/09/2015 Barcelona

Industry Meetings
Industry figures met at the 21st Healthcare Industry Meeting to promote change and progress / Photo: Jordi Estruch

For more than 25 years, IESE Industry Meetings have been a leading forum for professionals looking for a glimpse of future trends and opportunities in major industries.

They bring together eminent global business leaders and thinkers, IESE’s world-class faculty and many of the world’s major industry players across a diversity of industries.

Delegates benefit from a comprehensive update on what’s happening in their sector: emerging tendencies, consumer habits, technological developments, regulatory changes, and more.

Have you and your organization missed out?

Take a look at the videos of recent Industry Meetings below – together with highlights of findings.

Healthcare Industry

Better health, lower costs and improved healthcare. This is the triple challenge healthcare systems face for sustainability. IESE and KPMG’s 21st Healthcare Industry Meeting unveiled a five-step plan to face this challenge head on: 1) Measure "permanently and obsessively"; 2) Identify success stories and try to replicate them; 3) Promote value in healthcare; 4) Align incentives, and 5) Encourage and promote a "culture of health".

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Automotive Industry

Cars of the future will be "connected" and "green" – but won’t necessarily be your private property. The technological revolution, the need to reduce the environmental footprint and changes in user lifestyles and consumption are creating significant impact. Against this backdrop, three major challenges were highlighted at the 29th Automotive Sector Meeting: 1) Win hearts and retain young customers; 2) Advance in the production of increasingly green cars, without compromising quality of features and 3) Gain a strong position in the Asian market, which will be leading the industry.

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IT Industry

The Internet of Things was the focus of the 21st ICT & Digital Meeting. "Digital identities" are next on the cards thanks to the proliferation of sensors and devices.

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Banking Industry

Improving margins, restoring public confidence and adapting to new regulatory frameworks. These are the challenges facing banking, according to the 10th Banking Industry Meeting, which was organized by the IESE Center for International Finance (CIF) in partnership with Ernst & Young. The banking system must find real and sustainable solutions to attain necessary standards of solvency and competitiveness that will help drive economic recovery.

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Energy Industry

Decarbonization, the second oil and gas revolution, clean energies, reducing energy dependence and the role of the new consumer. These were just some of the trends and challenges defining the industry’s short and mid-term development, according to the 12th Energy Industry Meeting – organized by IESE in partnership with Deloitte.

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Sales Management

Customer focused sales strategies, multiple channels, the new salesperson profile (flesh and blood, but more 2.0), the role of analytics and digital processes. And the growing importance of corporate reputation in purchasing decisions. These were the main trends of the future sales networks presented during the 8th Sales Management Meeting organized by IESE and sponsored by Barna Consulting, OMD and Salesforce.

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Food and Beverages Industry

How will we be eating in 10 years’ time? The 19th Food and Beverage Meeting highlighted 10 trends for the next decade, including: the emergence of the Millennials, the collaborative economy, online retail and community-style shopping centers. Attendees received a complementary issue of Vademecum on Food and Beverage Markets 2015.

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