Seven Books for Summer

New publications by IESE professors to keep you in the loop this summer

03/08/2016 Barcelona


Take time this summer to catch up on what’s going on in business / Photo: iStock ; swissmediavision

Keep up with the latest thinking in global business this summer.

Get the inside track on greenwashing, sustainable cities, global sports management, best practices in valuation methods and from the travel sector in Spain.

And find out how seven friends are re-writing Sicily’s story – a Mafia-free version – leveraging the power of consumers, education and tourism.

Cities and the Environment: The Challenge of Becoming Green and Sustainable
Pascual Berrone; Joan Enric Ricart et al.
CreateSpace, 2016

For fast growing cities, going green and sustainable brings diverse and complex challenges. Greenhouse gas emissions, air, noise, water and land pollution, waste and natural resource consumption are but a few of the issues on the city managers’ agenda. But there are innovative, groundbreaking strategies out there that the authors share from successful cities, which have not only created greener, more sustainable urban areas, but also improved the quality of people’s lives.

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Green Lies: How Greenwashing Can Destroy a Company
Pascual Berrone
CreateSpace, 2016

Recent scandals have taught us that greenwashing doesn’t work. Marketing departments and boards have had to prioritize corporate sustainability. But how do companies avoid telling “green lies” which can destroy them? Berrone’s collection of case studies, expert quotes and infographics answer this question, and call for greater corporate commitment to make going green profitable.

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Sports Business Management: Decision Making Around the Globe
Tony Dávila et al.
Routledge, 2016

Strategy, decision-making and the future of sports management in the context of digital disruption: these are are key issues for all players in the sports management field. Dávila and his co-authors provide an in-depth analysis of the big questions and landmark along with cases from Harvard and Stanford, an interactive website and supplementary notes to cover all decision making bases.

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Valuation and Common Sense
Pablo Fernández
Social Science Research Network, 2015

This book is an up to date collection of materials and congress proceedings from Prof. Fernández on the nuances of different valuation methods. It also contains the tools needed to analyze and value even the most complex of companies. With common sense, of course.

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Outstanding Resorts in Spain
José Luis Suárez et al.
IESE, 2015

Suárez and his co-authors take eight of the best Spanish resorts to present a broad address of the industry. From best practices, the influence of key stakeholders, building a brand, trends and outlooks, this book provides a holistic analysis using real-life Spanish success stories.

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Addiopizzo: Leveraging Consumers Responsible Purchase to Fight Mafia
Antonino Vaccaro et al.
McGraw-Hill Interamericana de España, 2016

How did seven friends take on the mafia stronghold in Sicily and win? This gripping read from Vaccaro and his co-authors takes us on their journey from fear to freedom. Find out how education, a rising sense of dignity, security and solidarity are improving the image of Sicily and creating employment.

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Competition and Stability in Banking
Xavier Vives
Princeton University Press, 2016

As the banking industry reels amid uncertainty – threatened by fintech competitors, potentially heavy-handed regulators, Brexit and more – this new book looks for ways to provide both stability and growth. The best path forward is carefully coordinated regulation and competition policy, the author argues.

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