Business Angels

Business Angels

The Network’s Services and Activities

The Business Angels Network fosters contact and exchange of ideas between investors and entrepreneurs through several events and services:

  • Investment Forums
    Investment Forums are the main platform through which the network facilitates contact between investors and entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur is allowed 10 minutes to present the basic outline of their project and captivate investor interest.

  • Presentation support for entrepreneurs participating in forums
    The Network offers pre-selected entrepreneurs support in the preparation of their presentations as well as orientation about the investment process.

  • Open Days for Entrepreneurs
    Open Days are a way that the Network opens its doors to early-stage entrepreneurs. It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with private investment, what investors seek in potential projects, and whether their projects meet the necessary requirements to attract financing.

Business Angels
  • Private investor and family office education sessions
    Throughout the year the Network organizes lectures, round tables and presentations covering relevant topics of interest: real world investment cases; best practices for the investment process; tax and legal matters relating to the investment process; resource allocation strategies; family office organization; and current events and the latest news.

  • Member assembly
    Members meet annually in Madrid and Barcelona to exchange experiences and impressions about current trends while also outlining new services and activities for the Network.

  • Promoting co-investment
    The Network actively puts investors who have expressed interest in a particular project in contact with the relevant parties, offering the venue and establishing the framework for meetings to take place at IESE.

  • Private investor training (link in Spanish)
    During each course, the Network organizes training programs for potential investors. The program’s objective is to improve the competencies necessary to properly manage the private investment process.

  • Mentoring service for new investors
    Upcoming in the 2012-2013, a new mentoring program will offer an intense orientation and immersion for new members, helping them to familiarize themselves with member experiences, best investment practices, and the most representative operations undertaken.


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