PricewaterhouseCoopers Chair of Corporate Finance

Holder: Pablo Fernández

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Chair of Corporate Finance is dedicated to advancing knowledge in areas related to the financial aspects of businesses, including the valuation of companies and their units and the financing of projects.

The chair, created in 1987, seeks to bridge the gap in knowledge and analysis methods used by accountants, economists, lawmakers and academia when looking at concrete questions related to corporate finance, financial institutions and capital markets.

Research areas

  • Company valuations
  • Value creation in companies: Design, analysis and implementation
  • Investment banking, mergers, acquisitions and negotiations

Holder of the Chair

Pablo Fernández is a professor of Financial Management. A widely published author, he received his PhD and MA in Business Economics from Harvard University, and his MBA from IESE.



Journal Articles (refereed)

FERNÁNDEZ, P., AGUIRREAMALLOA ARIZAGA, J., FERNÁNDEZ ACÍN, I. (2015). Required Market Risk Premium among countries in 2012. The Journal of Finance and Data Science, 1 (1), 42 - 54. doi:10.1016/j.jfds.2015.07.003.

Working Papers

FERNÁNDEZ, P. (2020). A Wrong valuation using WACC and the right solution (WP-1249-E).
FERNÁNDEZ, P., DE APELLÁNIZ, E. (2020). Once índices bursátiles 2007- 15 abril 2020 y desempleo en 30 países 2000-2020 (Eleven stock market indices 2007- April 15, 2020 and unemployment in 30 countries 2000-2020) (WP-1241).
FERNÁNDEZ, P., DE APELLÁNIZ, E. (2020). Bolsas en España y USA en 1940-2020. ITBM y S&P (Stock markets in Spain and USA in 1940-2020. ITBM and S&P) (WP-1242).
FERNÁNDEZ, P., DE APELLÁNIZ, E. (2020). Bolsa en España. ITBM: 1940-2020 (27 marzo), (Spanish Stock Exchange. ITBM. 1940-27 March 2020) (WP-1243).
FERNÁNDEZ, P., DE APELLÁNIZ, E., FERNÁNDEZ ACÍN, J. (2020). Rentabilidad de los fondos de inversión en España, 2004-2019 (Return of mutual funds in Spain, 2004-2019) (WP-1245).

Articles in other publications

FERNÁNDEZ, P. (2019). Comentarios de la comisión RESI a una decisión del Tribunal Supremo relativa a cláusulas suelo. Técnica Contable y Financiera (15), pp. 124 - 131.
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Book Chapters

FERNÁNDEZ, P. (2019). Prólogo. En Oriol Amat (Ed.), Valoración y compraventa de empresas: con casos prácticos resueltos (pp. 1 - 10). Barcelona: Profit Editorial.
FERNÁNDEZ, P. (2017). Méthodes d'évaluation d'entreprises. In Jean-Michel Rocchi (Ed.), MBA Finance (pp. 313 - 420). Francia: Les Editions d'Organisation.
FERNÁNDEZ, P. (2017). The Capital Asset Pricing Model. In Bruno S. Frey and David Iselin (Ed.), Economic Ideas You Should Forget (pp. 47 - 50). Cham: Springer International Publishing.