Visiting Professor of Information Systems

Dean for Academic Affairs, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo

• Ph.D. in Business Administration (Information Systems), Louisiana State University
• Master of Business Administration, Syracuse University
• Medical Doctor, Ural State Medical Academy, Yekaterinburg

Evgeny Kaganer is Professor in the department of Information Systems at IESE Business School where he teaches MBA and executive courses in digital business and digital transformation. His research focuses on understanding how rapid digitalization transforms business models and organizations.

His has published on these topics in premier academic and business journals, including MIS Quarterly, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, European Journal of Information Systems, MIT Sloan Management Review, Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery among others. His work on the effects of digitalization in business and education has been cited in major media outlets, such as Financial Times, Business Week, Handelsblatt, CIO Magazine, and San Francisco Chronicle.

Evgeny has extensive experience working with executive audiences in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Russia. He has taught, directed custom programs, and consulted with multinational companies, including Swire, UPS, Oracle, Schneider Electric, ERSTE Group, Amadeus, Carlsberg, Amplifon, Rostelecom and Gazprom Oil among others.

Evgeny is also keen on exploring how advances in technology and pedagogy reshape management education. In this regard, he served as Academic Director for Learning Innovation and Executive Sponsor of IESE Online.

He is currently on leave, having taken on a role as Dean for Academic Affairs at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

Areas of interest

* Digital business strategy
* Digital transformation
* Impact of digital on learning
* IT Consumerization
* Data-driven organizations


Journal Articles (refereed)

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Articles in other publications

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Book Chapters

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Technical Notes

RÖTHKE, C., GREGORY, R. W., KÁGANER, E. (2019). Hypothesis-Driven Experimentation. IESE, SIN-57-E.
PÉREZ BALAGUER, J., GREGORY, R. W., KÁGANER, E. (2017). How to Overcome Resistance and Get Commitment From Users. IESE, SIN-54-E.