Head of Strategic Management Department

Professor of Strategic Management

• Ph.D in Management Science, Stanford University
• M.Sc. in Sociology, Stanford University
• Degree in Economics, Universitá degli studi di Napoli – Federico II

Fabrizio Ferraro is Professor and Head of the Strategic Management Department at IESE Business School. He received his PhD in Management from Stanford University. His current research explores the emergence of responsible and impact investing in the financial sector.

Previously he studied the institutionalization of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the robust action strategies to tackle grand challenges and the role of economics language in organizing. His work has been published in Administrative Science QuarterlyAcademy of Management ReviewAcademy of Management JournalOrganization Science, and Organization Studies, among others.

He received the 2005 IESE Prize for Excellence in Research, the 2006 Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management Review, and the 2017 Roland Calori Price for the Best Paper published in Organization Studies. His research on responsible investing in the main financial markets has been supported by a five-year grant (2011-2015) of the European Research Council. He serves or has served as a member of the editorial board of Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Discovery, and European Management Review.

His teaching in the MBA, EMBA, GEMBA, AMP and other Executive Education programs is primarily focused on strategic leadership and strategy execution. He also teaches the Impact Investing and Strategic Management Fashion and Luxury Goods Industry courses in the MBA program.

He also taught executive programs and/or consulted for firms such as Shiseido, Swire, Abertis, Telefonica, ENEL, Oracle, Banco Santander, Henkel, Nestlé, Puig, Lavazza, and Gonzalez-Byass.

Areas of interest

* Strategy Execution
* Responsible Investing
* Fashion and Luxury Goods Industry


Journal Articles (refereed)

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Working Papers

BLANCO, I., FERRARO, F., VALENTINI, G., WEHRHEIM, D. (2022). Meet me halfway. Financial analysts and strategic change.
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BECCARINI, I., BEUNZA, D., FERRARO, F., HOEPNER, A. (2020). Productive conflict. Deliberative interaction and disagreement in shareholder engagement.

Articles in other publications

FERRARO, F., ALEX EDMANS (2023). ESG is dead, long live ESG. IESE Business School Insight (163), pp. 62-67.
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Book Chapters

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Technical Notes

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