Visiting Professor of Economics

• Ph.D. in Economics, Princeton University
• B.A. in Economics, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

José Azar is an Assistant professor at the University of Navarra and a Research Associate at IESE Business School. José is an economist specializing in antitrust and corporate governance. His work studies the implications for competition of the rise of common ownership of companies by large and diversified asset managers. More recently, he has done research on labor market concentration and power.

He is a Research Affiliate at the CEPR, and a member of Economics for Inclusive Prosperity (EfIP). Before joining the University of Navarra, he worked at IESE Business School and at Charles River Associates in the Antitrust and Competition Practice. He received his BA from Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Argentina, and his PhD from Princeton University.

Areas of interest

* Industrial Organization
* Antitrust
* Corporate Finance


Journal Articles (refereed)

ALEKSEEVA, L., AZAR, J., GINÉ, M., SAMILA, S., TASKA, B. (2021). The Demand for AI skills in the labor market. LABOUR ECONOMICS, 71, Article 102002. doi:10.1016/j.labeco.2021.102002.
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Working Papers

ANTÓN, M., AZAR, J., GINÉ, M., XIANRAN LIN, L. (2019). Acquisitions, Common Ownership, and the Cournot Merger Paradox (WP-1219-E).
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AZAR, J., VIVES, X. (2019). Common Ownership and the Secular Stagnation Hypothesis. AEA Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 109 (pp. 322 - 326). American Economic Association.

Articles in other publications

ANTÓN, M., AZAR, J., GINÉ, M., LIN, L. X. (2019). Does Common Ownership Increase Incentives for Mergers and Acquisitions? Competition Policy International, 2 (2).
AZAR, J., SCHMALZ, M. C., TECU, I. (2017). Why Common Ownership Creates Antitrust Risks. Competition Policy International, 1 (3).