Luis María

Professor of Operations, Information and Technology

• Doctor of Business Administration, Boston University
• MBA, IESE Business School
• Law Graduate, Universidad de Navarra and Murcia

Luis Huete holds a Law Degree, an MBA from IESE Business School and a DBA from Boston University. He was a Fulbright Scholar and his PhD dissertation on commercial banks’ services strategy received the Decision Science Institute’s award for the best dissertation of the year. He worked as a researcher at Harvard Business School while finishing his DBA.

Luis has been a professor at IESE Business School since 1982 and has lectured in Harvard Business School’s Achieving Breakthrough Service and Advanced Management programs. As a visiting lecturer, Luis has participated in advanced management programs at business schools such as ESE (Chile), IAE (Argentina), IPADE (Mexico), ISE (Brazil), PAD (Peru); Deusto Business SchooI, ISEM, Instituto Internacional San Telmo and Basque Culinary Center (Spain); ESMT (Germany), Timoney Leadership Institute (Ireland), AESE (Portugal) and Skolkovo (Russia); Human Capital Leadership Institute (Singapore), Mudra Institute of Communications (India), Hamayesh Farazan (Iran), Lagos Business School (Nigeria) among others. He has also lectured at the corporate universities of Omnicom (USA), Bupa and OMG (UK), ISS (Denmark), Telefónica (Spain), Intercorp and Graña y Montero (Peru), etc.

He is the author of twelve reference books  and is a regular contributor to Harvard Deusto Business Review.  Luis is a renowned conference participant and has worked as a speaker, consultant and facilitator of senior management teams in more than 800 companies in 70 countries. In Spain, he has worked with half of the companies on the Ibex35 index. His work focusses on governance, and the alignment of leadership, strategy, structure, behavioral reinforcement systems and corporate culture.

Luis is Co-Founder of the Institute Governance and Society (Madrid) and Vice-Chancellor and Treasurer of the International Academy of Management. He serves on the boards of companies such as Epikurean Resorts and Lifestyles in Thailand and Altia Consultores in Spain. He also belongs to the Advisory Board of Regent Leadership (UK), Adizes Graduate School (USA), Solera Motor, Hoteles Porcel, Cenador de Amós-Chef Jesus Sánchez, Executive Excellence, and Lid Publishing (Spain). In addition, he is a patron of the Modern Art Foundation NMAC and the Real Dreams Foundation (Spain). He previously served on the boards of companies such as Six Senses Resorts & Spas (Thailand), Corporación Financiera Arco and PortAventura (Spain), etc.

Areas of interest

* Clienting: building customer loyalty and customer centricity
* Leadership and happiness
* Personal development
* Strategy and execution
* Governance
* From family business to families in business


Journal Articles (refereed)

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Working Papers

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Articles in other publications

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Book Chapters

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Technical Notes

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