Miguel Ángel

Associate Professor of Managerial Decision Sciences

• PhD in Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona

Prof. Canela holds a Ph. D. degree in Mathematics from the Universitat de Barcelona (1980). Before joining IESE in 2009, he was a professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Analysis of that university and a part-time professor of the Ph. D. Program at IESE. He also worked many years as a consultant at the Institut Català de Tecnologia.

His Ph. D. Dissertation and first research papers were concerned with various problems of Functional Analysis. Later, his interest switched towards interdisciplinary research, entering diverse fields, such as Management Science, Nutrition, Botany, Toxicology and Biochemistry. Nowadays, his attention is focused on the application of Data Science to various aspects of Management.


Journal Articles (refereed)

BARROSO DEL TORO, A., TORT-MARTORELL, X., CANELA, M. Á. (2022). How shareholders react to sustainable narratives about leading European energy companies?. An event study using sentiment data from the global database for events, language and tone (GDELT). Applied Economics, 54 (30), 3482-3494. doi:10.1080/00036846.2021.2009759.
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PASTORIZA, DAVID, D., ALEGRE, I., CANELA, M. Á. (2021). Conditioning the effect of prize on tournament self-selection. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PSYCHOLOGY, 86. doi:10.1016/j.joep.2021.102414.
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Working Papers

N'GUESSAN, M. N., ALEGRE, I., CANELA, M. Á. (2017). Crowdfunding In Africa. An Empirical Study Of Kiva Platform Users In Sub-Saharan Africa (WP-1172-E). Barcelona: IESE.
IBARRA GARZA, A., CUGUERÓ-ESCOFET, N., CANELA, M. Á. (2017). Prosocial Crowdlending in Kenya (WP-1166-E). Barcelona: IESE.
MOLESKIS, M., CANELA, M. Á. (2016). Crowdfunding Success: The Case Of Kiva.Org (WP-1137-E). Barcelona: IESE.
PEDREIRA, E., CANELA, M. Á. (2012). Materias primas: ¿Qué cambió en la última década? (WP-1066).
GROH, A. P., LIECHTENSTEIN, H., CANELA, M. Á. (2008). International allocation determinants of institutional investments in venture capital and private equity limited partnerships (DI-726-E).

Articles in other publications

ALEGRE, I., CANELA, M. Á. (2018). 'Marketing intelligence', una evolución necesaria de los sistemas BI que demanda competencias clave. Harvard Deusto Márketing y Ventas (152), pp. 38 - 45.
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CANELA, M. Á., ALEGRE, I., IBARRA, A. (2019). Quantitative Methods for Management: A Practical Approach. Berlin: Springer.

Book Chapters

CANELA, M. Á., GUÇLU, B., ALEGRE, I. (2019). An Exploratory Analysis Using Co-Authorship Network: Trends in Risk Behavior. In Dileep Kumar G. (Ed.), Machine Learning Techniques for Improved Business Analytics (pp. 166 - 200). Hershey, PA: Igi Global.
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