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New campus
IESE Madrid

Open. Innovative. Sustainable

+33,000 m2

+33,000 m2

Located in the largest public park in Madrid

72 m2

72 m2

One of the largest LED screens in Europe



Green energy use

The city of Madrid is a unique metropolis, an attractive global business magnet and a bridge linking Europe and Latin America.
After 30 years of welcoming more than 15,000 managers in pursuit of lifelong learning, the Madrid campus is doubling its capacity and expanding the reach and impact that IESE already has with its campuses in Barcelona, Munich and New York.
Now a special moment has arrived for IESE Madrid a home for the formation and discussion of ideas and initiatives that will transform our society. A destination where you and your company can reach your full leadership potential.

Alumni Auditorium

Alumni Auditorium with 454 seats and views of surrounding parkland.

Panoramic LED screen

72 m2 panoramic LED screen, among the largest in an indoor auditorium.


State-of-the-art amphitheater classrooms, with integrated audiovisual technology for classroom, online and hybrid training.

Open spaces

Green open spaces for networking, conversation and concentration.

Iconic design

Iconic design, flexible and integrated with the natural landscape.

Responsible construction and technological innovation



With an architectural design prizing open, light-filled spaces, the new campus brilliantly integrates its exterior and interior elements. It is also 100% accessible for people with physical disabilities and the hearing-impaired. It’s a reflection of IESE, a community open to all cultures and ways of understanding the business world.



The building is equipped with the latest audiovisual technology, smart functionality, and efficient energy use. Among many innovations, the auditorium’s large screen and integrated domotic system management stand out.



The new campus is located opposite the existing campus building in the Pinar del Cerro del Águila in Casa de Campo, the sprawling green heart of Madrid. Plans are in place for its landscaping.

Clean energy, water and air

Energy efficiency

Green energy consumption. 100% of the energy consumed in the new campus building comes from renewable sources.

 Use of a BMS (Building Management System) for the intelligent control of the facilities.

 Installation of solar panels for sanitary hot water.

 High-efficiency lighting installations.

 Level A energy label, which certifies that we follow European energy efficiency guidelines.

 Electric charging points for vehicles.

Efficient water use

Over 40% reduction in water waste.

 Collection and filtering of rainwater to boost humidity in the green areas of the campus.

Indoor environment quality

Indoor air purification equipment using natural activators. The “ActivPure” cell also generates low-level ozone which provides extra protection against viruses and bacteria.

 Paint and adhesive materials with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds.

 CO2 probes that regulate air ventilation corresponding to current occupation levels in the building.

Sustainable building materials and resources

Recycling of all waste generated during construction.

 Use of green-certified wood.

 CMore than 20% of the building’s materials are recycled and locally sourced, reducing the impact of extracting, processing and transporting raw materials.