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Center for Business and Society (CBS) - IESE Business School
Center for Business and Society (CBS) - IESE Business School

About Us

Since its establishment, IESE has devoted special attention to corporate social responsibility. It is therefore in a position to make a valuable contribution to research in this field and to offer useful answers to the business community. Certain defining characteristics of IESE’s educational activities make it especially well-qualified to do so:

  • Humanistic approach. Since it was founded, IESE has shown a clear determination to make the human being the central reference point for business decision making, and service to society one of business’s primary goals.
  • International scope. IESE’s international dimension is apparent in every facet of its activity: programs designed in collaboration with other schools around the world; programs conducted in different countries; an international faculty that maintains close ties with the international business and academic community; alumni working in more than 70 different countries; active involvement in starting up other business schools in more than a dozen countries on four continents. 
  • Knowledge generation. Through its educational programs, IESE aims to instill action-oriented skills and knowledge. In its research activity, it endeavours to combine intellectual rigor with practical relevance, and makes every effort to translate leading edge research into specific applications for companies’ day-to-day activity. 
  • Multi-disciplinary, integrative approach. The variety of programs, participants and methods, combined with the diversity of educational backgrounds among IESE’s faculty, gives scope for a wide range of very different, yet complementary and mutually enriching responses to the same problem. Moreover, IESE serves as a meeting place, allowing dialogue between social actors and the exchange of opinions and points of view.

The CBS has the following goals: 

  • Develop well-founded concepts and arguments as a basis for human quality in business and a beneficial impact of business activity on society and the environment. 

  • Work to formulate proposals that are both rigorous in their conceptual foundations and practical in their analyses and conclusions. 

  • Develop practical means to develop a corporate culture and a corporate behavior that favor human development and sustainability. 

  • Devise management models that make it easier to grasp the complexity and the systemic nature of companies’ relationships with society and the environment; that serve as a basis for the introduction of procedures, systems and policies in the day-to-day running of businesses; and that help managers to recognize the benefits and competitive advantages to be obtained by developing businesses based on the challenges that those relationships entail.

  • Encourage the application of criteria of social responsibility and sustainable development in every aspect of business, including the formulation of the corporate mission, the design of management systems, the design, manufacture and sale of company products, and the way companies behave towards society at large.

  • Build an awareness of the importance of ethical conduct and corporate reputation among the professional and business media, and also among the general public, by publicizing the practical improvements achieved, offering criteria for problem solving, and helping to create a climate of respect and support for business initiative. 

  • Promote and facilitate dialogue between the business world and its stakeholders, in the conviction that greater mutual knowledge will lead to innovative business responses to society’s demands.


Center for Business in Society
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