Center for Business in Society (CBS)

Director: Joan Fontrodona

We are dedicated to corporate social responsibility, contributing to research in this field and working to offer useful answers to the business community.

We are characterized by our international scope, our desire to generate action-oriented knowledge and our multi-disciplinary, integrative approach so as to stimulate dialogue and the exchange of ideas.


  • Develop well-founded concepts and arguments as a basis for the positive impact of business activity on society.
  • Formulate proposals with conceptual rigor and a practical nature.
  • Create corporate cultures that favor human development and sustainability.
  • Help to understand the relation between business, society and the environment and inspire management procedures with competitive advantages.
  • Encourage business to be governed by the criteria of social responsibility and sustainable development.
  • Communicate the importance of ethical conduct and corporate reputation in professional environments and in public opinion, publicizing good practices and problem-solving criteria.
  • Promote dialogue between business and its stakeholders, to encourage innovative behavior and responses to societal demands.

Board of Patrons:

Jordi Canals, Board of Patrons President

Research lines:

  • Sustainability and the balanced scorecard
  • Sustainability and senior governing bodies
  • Social responsibility and economic value
  • Socially responsible investment
  • The sustainable company
  • Corporate reputation and companies’ social behavior
  • Values, codes of conduct, accreditations and ethical-social audits
  • Company-stakeholder dialogue for innovation
  • Public administration and sustainable companies
  • Companies’ ability to create value
  • The base of the social pyramid and profitable growth
  • The company as a social institution
  • Globalization and corporate social responsibility
  • Ethics and corporate governance