IESE PMD. What Will You Learn?

The Program for Management Development (PMD) is a transformational learning experience.

Through open interchange with trusted peers, faculty-led debate, action-oriented learning activities and simulations you will build a number of key leadership competencies. Accelerate your transition to senior business leadership.

Two Journeys, One Destination

PMD Content.

The Program for Management Development (PMD) delivers cross-functional perspectives on different areas of management, building your knowledge and broadening your perspective so that you can take on the responsibilities of a senior management generalist.

A Blended Program

The PMD Barcelona combines three residential and three online modules. Residential modules last one week each. For maximum learning, participants will need to dedicate an average of 8 hours per week during the online modules for case preparation, implementation of personal projects, and virtual sessions.

The Case Method at IESE

In 1963, Harvard Business School formed an alliance with IESE Business School by adopting the famous case method learning methodology. Over the years, IESE professors began writing their own cases, making their own impact and becoming thought leaders in their own right. 

These are some examples of how the case method is applied in IESE: 

  • You will engage in dynamic discussions about the business challenges you face on a daily basis.
  • You will combine individual learning, team discussions and dialogue in an interdisciplinary plenary session.
  • The lecturer will facilitate and guide the debate, encouraging everyone’s participation to enrich the discussion with different points of view and experiences.

Read more about the case method and a few examples used in IESE classes of real cases from leading companies.

Case method at IESE

The IESE Experience