Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

• Ph.D. in Business Economics, Vlerick Business School
• M.Sc, Industrial Management, Ghent University
• M.Sc, Business Economics, Ghent University
• M.Sc, Civil Engineering, Ghent University
• B.Sc, Civil Engineering, Ghent University

Jeroen Neckebrouck is assistant professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship. His research focuses on the governance of privately held entrepreneurial firms, with a particular interest in family firms and private equity. His current research centers on how private equity minority investments can contribute to the performance of family firms, and on the relationship between private firm governance and the development of firm-specific human capital.

His research has been published in journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Venture Capital and the Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, and has been presented at several international conferences. In 2018, his dissertation-related work won the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Family Firm Institute (FFI).

Prior to joining academia, Prof. Neckebrouck has been management consultant in the telecom industry.

Areas of interest

* Corporate governance
* Entrepreneurship
* Family firms
* Private equity


Journal Articles (refereed)

MEULEMAN, M., WILSON, N., WRIGHT, M., NECKEBROUCK, J. (2022). When the going gets tough. Private equity firms' role as agents and the resolution of financial distress in buyouts. Journal of Small Business Management, 60 (3), 513-540. doi:
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NECKEBROUCK, J., MANIGART, S., MEULEMAN, M. (2017). Attitudes of family firms toward outside investors. The Importance of organizational identification. Venture Capital, 19 (1-2), 29 - 50. doi:10.1080/13691066.2016.1255414.


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NECKEBROUCK, J. (2022). Why workforce “rents” may threaten strategy inferences from accounting measures of performance. Strategic Leadership and Corporate Governance Workshop - Esade.
NECKEBROUCK, J. (2021). Employee rent sharing and competitive advantage. Exploring an s-shaped rent sharing curve. SMS 41st Annual Conference, Virtual Toronto.

Articles in other publications

IESE INSIGHT, (2020). The Big Picture. Teleworking, the new normal? Harvard Business Review (156).
IESE INSIGHT, (2020). Teletrabajo: ¿la nueva normalidad? IESE Business School Insight (156).


NECKEBROUCK, J. (2023). How Does Part-Time Work Affect Productivity?. Implications of part-time work for productivity and profitability. IESE.