Retail Revolution

How retailers can prepare for an omnichannel future


Retail Revolution

Digitalization, the pandemic and climate crises, supply-chain disruptions and inflation have shaken up retail. And despite the push to get back to normal, for retail, normal doesn’t exist. As the boundaries between online and offline shopping blur into one, here is how retailers can prepare for an omnichannel future.

Retail trends

What to watch out for in a world that is volatile, omnichannel and personal.

Inditex CEO: “Creativity, emotion and surprise underpin everything we do”

Oscar Garcia Maceiras discusses the success factors of retail at a time when customers and the global outlook are more demanding than ever.

Changing the system

“Sustainable fashion” need not be an oxymoron. Eva Kruse (Pangaia), Claire Bergkamp (Textile Exchange, formerly at Stella McCartney) and Andrea Baldo (Ganni) predict what the future holds.

Adapt or perish

In this “never normal” world, retailers must get to grips with a permanent state of disruption, says Jose Luis Nueno.



What’s the story of your career?

Is your career more like a race or a river? Follow these metaphorical prompts, inspired by Mike Rosenberg’s new book on career management in a changing world.



The dark side of empowerment

Empowering leadership isn’t simply a case of thrusting a big project on workers and seeing what happens. Before encouraging employees to act in agile, self-directed ways, know the stressors they face.

Company boards focus on strategy and ESG, but need to pay more attention to geopolitics

According to a survey of board directors, 94% ensure that their companies have a strategic plan and 89% have a corporate purpose. But there are some governance shortfalls to address.

ESG investing to the rescue?

Our planet needs saving. Can green investing help? An analysis of 20 countries sheds light on where and how it works.



Impact investor Marta Hervas: doing good while generating returns

Capital used to be on one side, and ESG on the other, like two diametrically opposed concerns. But according to Arcano’s Marta Hervas, impact investing is bridging that divide. Here she explains the rise of this new asset class.

Carlos Archilla-Cady, reaching for the stars

This pediatric anesthesiologist hasn’t let glaucoma stop him but has become an advocate for disability inclusion in all walks of life. Indeed, he has pursued executive education and begun training for space travel, redefining what it means to have “the right stuff.”

Jason Ho, business-focused human resources

As the pandemic proved, building resilience in people is key to surviving crises. OCBC Bank trader-turned-head-of-HR Jason Ho shares how HR is changing and how it can support the sustainability agenda.

Karim Adaimi, giving back with generosity

Karim Adaimi admires the resilience of the Lebanese people. Here he explains how to face life’s challenges with action and positivity.



The metaverse: will virtual live up to reality?

What’s all the hype about the metaverse? Fire your imagination about a virtual future with these resources. Plus, Miguel Anton and Chabela Estalella talk about their use of VR headsets at IESE. Is this how we might live, work and learn in the future?



When hiring, don’t regret the one that got away
By Johannes Müller-Trede

What feelings of regret tell us about decision-making in high-stakes situations, and why it is important that we keep learning as we move on.

Common ownership: implications for competition and markets
In conversation with Jose Azar

Common ownership – where the same large asset managers are major shareholders in many overlapping companies – holds surprising implications for merger approvals, airline ticket prices, labor market forces and more.

Breaking the mold of management models
By Roger Martin

Executives are notoriously in love with frameworks or models. But could they be doing more harm than good? Here we examine three classic business issues from fresh angles. Time to break the spell of the tried-and-tested model.



4 scenarios to imagine the future

Reaching a better future starts now in the way you put your imagination to work and the steps you take to get where you want to go. Ready? Do try this at home!


Retail Revolution