AI: Using your power for good


AI: Using your power for good

Artificial intelligence offers abundant opportunities for customer care, automation, prediction and sustainable resource planning, yet the fear factor persists. Here’s how managers can make the most of AI, ensuring humans and ethics shape its use.

Train your brain for AI

These are the key abilities to develop and nurture in order to manage AI.

Philippe Sahli: “You don’t need a team of 50 people to get started with AI”

Leveraging existing AI is easier than you think. Indeed, it might help you start a new business.

Inma Martinez: “We need AI that takes human wellbeing into account”

AI emerged in a regulatory vacuum. It’s time for governments and business leaders to catch up.

AI is transformative: are you?

AI can simplify many business processes. But the issues it raises are anything but simple — for the entire company and for you.



The search fund wave

Here we chart how search funds are faring around the world.



Gender pay gap: valuing women’s work

Gender still accounts for approximately half of the pay differences when comparing the same jobs in the same occupations in the same firms, according to new research.

The power of disclosure to move toward net-zero goals

Institutional investors are tuning into C02 data from companies. The environmental impact is positive.

Fixing our broken social security

A new chair is undertaking research to find out how to make pension systems and saving for retirement fit for purpose amid demographic changes.



Doctors in the house

How three doctors are channeling their passion for medicine into future management roles.


IESE recognizes 40 leading entrepreneurs under the age of 40.



Read the future with science fiction and AI

By reading science fiction, corporate leaders can stay on top of coming trends. Or so the AI bot says.



For the best experience, let data be your guide
By Victor Martinez de Albeniz, Ali Aouad and Abhishek Deshmane

Experience providers, from retailers to cultural institutions, can boost user engagement by making the most of their data analytics. Follow these tips, based on experiments carried out in the Van Gogh Museum, to optimize engagement and satisfaction in your own business setting.

ESG is dead, long live ESG
IESE’s Fabrizio Ferraro in conversation with Alex Edmans

Increasingly, companies are coming under pressure to produce ESG or sustainability reports, which can be challenging, to say the least, given the intangible nature of the issues they are measuring. This interview calls ESG into question while at the same time affirming its importance. In the end, we may have to agree to disagree on how much is too much.

6 approaches to valuing data
By Laura Veldkamp

Data drives our modern economy yet remains one of the hardest assets to observe, measure and put a price on. Can the financial tools we use to measure physical capital be applied to data? Let’s do the math and find out.



How K-culture conquered the world

Industry insider Lee Areum discusses the global mania for all things Korean and why she thinks the best is yet to come.


AI: Using your power for good