IESE launches new leadership program in Germany

Business Acceleration Program will be taught on Munich campus from May 2021

The program is aimed at executives in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other Central European countries.

July 16, 2020

IESE is launching a new program, the Business Acceleration Program (BAP), targeted at ambitious working executives in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other Central European countries.

Starting in May 2021, the BAP will be taught in English from IESE’s campus in Munich. The program is designed to boost participants’ leadership potential and expand their professional network, all while causing minimal disruption to their current professional commitments.

The program is open to high-potential managers and project leaders with at least five years managerial experience. It is especially aimed at those who are working in the DACH region and who wish to quickly develop themselves and their companies in a targeted manner.

Delivered in a flexible format that minimizes the time needed away from the office, the eight-week program will be taught through a mix of interactive lectures, experimental learning, and business simulations led by IESE´s highly rated faculty, alongside in-person insights from top CEOs and senior managers. Throughout, participants will work closely with their high-caliber peers, facilitating networking.

In addition, participants will be assigned personal mentors throughout the program, and work one-on-one with a seasoned executive coach, which will help them solidify concepts in the program and become better equipped to reach a concrete personal or professional goal.

The program content is organized into three broad areas considered key to helping participants future-proof their careers. The first part will focus on how to approach global business systems from new angles, as well as deepening their understanding of core business areas. In the second, participants will examine the opportunities and significance of digitalization and new technologies. Part three focuses on corporate strategy and negotiation – and the central importance of ethics to bringing out the best in companies and developing as a manager.

Classes will take place every three weeks on Fridays (all day) and Saturdays (half day), meaning participants only need to take eight normal working days out of the office. This format allows participants to better interweave the course within their current working lives and put the actionable insights they gain on the course immediately to use in their workplace.