International Faculty Program: Spreading Our Way to Learn

IESE faculty share expertise with professors from around the globe

June 6, 2017

“The International Faculty Program (IFP) provided me with a new lens that allowed me to see the world differently. The classroom became a borderless world of learning wherein ideas were shared, opinions challenged, mentors formed and teaching techniques discovered.”

That was the experience of Regine Cinco of the Philippines, who took part in last year´s International Faculty Program. This month, 24 professors from five continents and of 14 nationalities will gather on the Barcelona campus for the lastest IFP, a four-week journey that empowers global faculty members to enhance their teaching and leadership competencies.

Guided byIESE´s world-class faculty, participants will expand their knowledge of key management education fundamentals, including course design, effective communication, case writing and dynamic teaching methodologies, with an emphasis on the case study method. They will also gain a framework that allows them to identify their unique strengths and areas for improvement.

Many Nationalities, One Way to Learn

IFP Academic Director Prof. Miguel Ángel Ariño emphasizes how the program is designed to challenge the status quo of the participants’ academic work. “We want them to go beyond merely sharing scientific knowledge. It is a learning experience, not just an exchange,” he said.

Beyond the formal curriculum of the IFP, the cultural richness and international interchange catalyzed by the diverse backgrounds of the participants provide a singular global experience. This year´s class profile is roughly 86% international, and will include, among others, professionals from South Africa, Croatia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Kenya, Mexico, Bulgaria and Poland.

Beyond the two residential weeks of the program, participants have the opportunity to experience online teaching through online discussion of cases for two weeks in their home countries.

The Case Method: A Way to Learn

A trademark of IESE, the case study method is one of the main pillars of the IFP; participants learn to draft, analyze and effectively employ case studies.

“The case method is becoming more and more utilized within the world of business education because of its efficiency. We want the program participants to walk away knowing how they are going to reach specific teaching goals,” explained Prof. Ariño.

The IFP dates back to 1991, when IESE first started delivering seminars for professors from Central and Eastern Europe. Twenty-six years later, more than 500 professors from over 70 countries – many from emerging countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America – have benefited from the expertise and content of this unique program.

Graduates have gone on to teach and conduct research in more than 200 business schools, economy and business administration faculties and other educational institutions. Said one participant: “Being in an environment where the sole purpose is learning is an incredible opportunity to observe, participate and ask questions about all aspects of faculty training.”