Next-level learning


Next-level learning

Becoming an agile, innovative organization depends on your ability to learn. Here’s how to build future-ready skills and competencies that will take you higher.

Aye Wee Yap: “Look at the water, not just the fish”

The Group Head of Learning & Transformation reveals how OCBC Bank in Singapore is driving transformation by changing not only individual employees, but the system in which they operate.

Ewoma Oloye: “Learning leadership is key”

The Head of Corporate Services shares how Construction Kaiser Ltd. in Nigeria took it upon itself to offer training that is now attracting thousands across Africa and beyond.

Marc Sosna & Timo Kerzel: “We need to think in terms of learning communities”

Learning trends, the importance of staying human-centered and other findings from IESE’s Learning Innovation Unit, on its 10th anniversary.

AI: Your ultimate learning challenge

Evgeny Káganer and Sampsa Samila discuss three ways generative AI will influence the upskilling of people and organizations.



Map your productive organizational energy

Are your firm’s energy levels flagging? Use this four-step Energy Pattern Explorer tool to give your firm a boost.



Virtual and hybrid teams with shared values perform better

When teams go virtual, clear ground rules and shared cultural values can be strong indicators of success.

Part-time work has a positive impact on productivity

Letting your employees work part-time can bring a 2% increase in firm-level labor productivity and see fewer sick days per year.

More than just compliance: how to manage with integrity

Why shouldn’t management simply abide by the laws and regulations? The truth is that going beyond mere compliance creates more value for everyone.



Jan Peter Balkenende: “Be the leader the future needs”

Ex Dutch PM says the future depends on partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals — companies, governments, NGOs and civil society all working together.

Ousman Umar, making a visible difference

The Co-founder & President of NASCO Feeding Minds wants migrants to be seen for what they are capable of — and prevent boat-crossing tragedies by empowering young people in Ghana through education.

Elena Betés: “Nothing ends with defeat. The game goes on”

This founder of the successful insurance comparison platform, Rastreator, believes that every failure is a teachable moment. She now dives into edtech.

Favour Okolie, leading by example

An example can be very powerful. So it was for this aspiring entrepreneur seeking to raise up a new generation of role models across Africa.



Resources to get you out of your comfort zone

Let these stories and pieces of advice, from IESE professors and Olympic sailor Theresa Zabell, inspire you to overcome your fears and push your limits.



How are you feeling? Ask your computer mouse!
By Christoph Schneider

How businesses can use the data that users generate while interacting with technology to improve the user experience and even detect fraud.

Putting a price on pollution
In conversation with Robert Raney

How does the trading of emission allowances really work — and how could it work even better?

No employee left behind: creating a sense of belonging at work
By Ryan Vogel

Some people feel like they don’t belong. Here’s how to create workplaces where people bring their whole selves to work and where even the misfits thrive.



Budding talent: achieving management zen through ikebana flower arrangement

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, holds timeless lessons for creating beauty and personal growth. Take a leaf from this 500-year-old art form for more harmonious management.


Next-level learning