IESE Women in Leadership (I-WiL)

Because women leaders benefit companies and society

The IESE Women in Leadership (I-WiL) network brings together women leaders of all ages and career stages in order to increase diversity in companies and develop leadership of women as engines of positive social change all over the world. It is an initiative of the Carmina Roca and Rafael Pich-Aguilera Women and Leadership Chair, held by Prof. Nuria Chinchilla.

The network organizes specific events, such as breakfasts with inspiring women executives and networking lunches, and carries out research on female leadership and its impact in companies, sharing the results with governments and organizations.

The main goals of I-WiL are:

  • To strengthen the presence of women in Boards of Directors and at all management levels in companies.
  • Link the development of female talent with the strategy and culture of organizations.
  • Encourage a change of mentality among leaders, in corporate cultures and in organizational practices.

Networking activities

I-WiL organizes forums, workshops and other events in order to share experiences and provide women with additional opportunities for personal and professional development. These activities connect thousands of women across the world every year.

I-WiL Inspiring Breakfasts

Quarterly breakfasts in which women leaders share their experiences in life and work.

I-WiL Networking Lunches

Monthly lunches by professors and other specialists that deal with current issues and personal development.

I-WiL events

September 20, 2022

María Iraburu: Ciencia, mujer y liderazgo 

Aula Termes (Campus Madrid) / Q302 (Campus Barcelona) Watch the session.


October 18, 2022

Clara Arpa: Camino del 2030: Innovación, empresa y sostenibilidad

Q302 (Campus Barcelona) / Aula Termes (Campus Madrid) Watch the session.


November 22, 2022

Maria Calvo: El reto de ser mujer hoy. Cómo afrontarlo 

Aula BBVA (Campus Madrid) / Q302 (Campus Barcelona) Watch the session.


December 13, 2022

Nuria Chinchilla: Presentación del nuevo libro De la mano de las mejores 

Q302 (Campus Barcelona) / Aula Termes (Campus Madrid)


January 10, 2023 CANCELLED


February 14, 2023

María Álvarez de las Asturias: Ser líder-coach: acompañar la vulnerabilidad en la empresa, en la familia y en la sociedad

Aula Termes (Campus Madrid) / Q302 (Campus Barcelona)


March 14, 2023

Jaume Aurell: ¿Postmodernidad o Hipermodernidad? Claves históricas para comprender una nueva era

Q101 (Campus Barcelona) / Aula Termes (Campus Madrid)


April 18, 2023

Marian Rojas: Conviértete en persona vitamina

Aula Termes (Campus Madrid) / Q302 (Campus Barcelona)


May 9, 2023

Laura Urquizu: El fraude en el e-commerce: su impacto empresarial y social

Q302 (Campus Barcelona) / Aula BBVA (Campus Madrid)


June 13, 2023

Theresa Zabell: Tu cuerpo tu planeta

Aula Termes (Campus Madrid) / Q302 (Campus Barcelona)


July 11, 2023

Alvaro G.  Alorda: Cabeza, corazón y manos. La transformación personal como viaje

Q302 (Campus Barcelona) / Aula Termes (Campus Madrid)

July 2022

I-WiL Lunch with Dr. José López Guzmán.

The medicalization of society from a gender perspective. Watch the session. (In Spanish).


May 2022

I-WiL Lunch with José Manuel Almuzara & Prof. Yih-Teen Lee.

Leadership lessons from the Sagrada Familia project. What Gaudí teaches 21st century leaders. Watch the session. (In Spanish).


April 2022

I-WiL Session In Memoriam Maruja Moragas.

Work and family: an obstacle course to overcome. Prof. Nuria Chinchilla. Watch the session. (In Spanish).


March 2022

I-Wil Lunch with Teresa Sanjurjo. Director of Fundación Princesa de Asturias

Female presence in the Princess of Asturias Awards. Reflecting on the evolution. Watch the session. (In Spanish).


January 2022

I-WiL Lunch with Álvaro González Alorda. Author and co-founder of Emergap

Woman, mother and top executive. Is balance possible? Watch the session. (In Spanish).


December 2021

I-WiL Lunch with Miguel Ángel Ariño. Professor, IESE

Antonio Machado: His Life and Poetry. Watch the session. (In Spanish)


November 2021

I-WiL Breakfast with Myrtha B. Casanova. Founder, European Institute to Manage Diversity

The Power of Diversity. Watch the session. (In Spanish)


November 2021

I-WiL Lunch with María Calvo. President, Spain, EASSE

The Challenge of Being a Woman in the 21st Century. Watch the session. (In Spanish)


October 2021

I-WiL with Sylvia Díaz-Montenegro. Founder, Balandra Software

Digital Anthropology: The Need to Integrate the Female Perspective. Watch the session.  (In Spanish)


September 2021

I-WiL with Teresa Alarcos. President & Founder, Wstartup Community

The Emergency of Female Digital Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. Watch the session. (In Spanish)

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Research lines

Research lines

At I-WiL, we aspire to understand how women leaders contribute to the development of companies and what competencies women need to grow at every stage of their career. Thus, our academic research is focused on:

·The competencies of women leaders

·The role of women in Boards of Directors

·Work-life balance

·Corporate family responsibility

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