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Watch what current and past students explain about the IESE PhD program:

Thinking About Social Problems Differently

    Lisa Hehenberger (Sweden): PhD 2010.
    Currently: Research and Policy Director at the European Venture Philanthropy Association.

Phd Testimonial: Minna Paunova

    Minna Paunova (Bulgary): PhD 2013.
    Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher - DTU Management Engineering, Copenhagen.

    Minna Paunova relates how the PhD Program met her expectations on both content and academic environment. The constant personal involvement of IESE faculty is a decisive asset to the program.

Phd Testimonial: Alejandro Moreno

    Alejandro Moreno (Colombia): PhD 2013.
    Currently: Professor Managing People in Organizations - INALDE Business School.

    Alejandro Moreno emphasizes IESE's solid anthropological foundations and the strong focus on general management; underlining the support of the professors who at all moments encourage the students to share their ideas and develop them together.


    Dong Mei Song (China): PhD 2013.
    Currently: Director Corporate Development China - IESE Business School.

    "The solid training and the high level of research at IESE, made me a confident researcher, enabling me be to send my papers to academic conferences such as The Academy of Management and top tier magazines".


    Adetunji Adegbesan (Nigeria): PhD 2006.
    Currently: Director Centre for Competitiveness & Strategy - Lagos Business School.

    Tunji Adegbesan explains how IESE was a life-changing experience for him and how he learned about research, about people and, above all, about the role of firms in society. He believes what distinguishes IESE is the human touch and the emphasis on ethics.


    Ching T. Liao (Taiwan): Enrolled PhD Student.
    Research interest: Strategic Management.

    "At IESE, we PhD students do not compete with each other; we work, learn and grow together."

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