Carmina Roca and Rafael Pich-Aguilera Women and Leadership Chair



The Chair’s activities include:

  • Applied research that creates opinion in society, business and the academic world
  • Research seminars
  • Publications
  • Organization of academic conferences (the first, “Women and Leadership,” July 2017)
  • Fora for debate among academics and business leaders
  • Courses in post-graduate programs
  • Symposia
  • Books and book collections

Research will help understand the causes of problems and alternatives for action. The Women and Leadership Chair will lead activities such as the following:



Promote a line of research that seeks to discover and promote feminine traits of leadership in the company, their professional careers, as well as identify role models:

  • Management skills that women contribute to the company.
  • White book on Women and Leadership in the 21st century.
  • Anthropological paradigm and female leadership style.


 In IESE programs:

  • Women and Leadership Focused Program.
  • Program focused on women board members.
  • An elective course in the MBA Program, Women and Leadership.
  • Modules on the subject in different executive programs.

With companies:

  • Fora for CEOs and General Directors.
  • International Symposium on Women and Leadership.
  • Executive women working groups.

In society:

  • Develop conceptual models with positive ideas in society.
  • Mobilize other women executives to also have a positive impact (Platform I-WIL)