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IESE Cities in Motion Strategies

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IESE Cities in Motion


1. International Benchmark on urban models: will allow us to respond to the question “Which actions had the best results for cities internationally, in their search for sustainable, equitable, connected and innovative city models?”

  • Historical analysis of city models
  • International benchmark of best practices (urban model and solutions)

2. Definition of Best practices and design of case studies on city strategic planning: will allow us to categorize types of strategic plans, identify successes and failures, and understand the key success factors 

  • International benchmark (best practices) on strategic city plans 
  • Case studies of actual city strategic management 

3. Comparative analysis on strategic decision making frameworks in cities worldwide: will allow us to understand how local administrations work today 

  • Analysis of current state of theoretical knowledge on decision-making processes in cities 
  • Comparative analysis on decision-making processes in local administrations 
  • Identification of improvement opportunities 

4. Design of an innovative Strategic Planning Framework: will allow cities to improve their strategic planning and city management processes

  • Validation of conclusions on improvement opportunities of decision-making processes in city management
  • Strategic lines (workshops)
  • CIM Strategic Management Framework 

5. Design of an international Cities in Motion Index: will allow citizens to understand how their city is performing in terms of sustainability, innovation, connectivity and social cohesion 

  • Analysis of International City Indexes 
  • Strategic Lines (workshops)
  • CIM International City Index

6. Design of a CIM Management toolkit: will allow city managers to obtain a general idea and follow up on how they are performing, through a balance scorecard that will allow them to improve their decisions 

  • Analysis of balance scorecards in cities 
  • Strategic lines (workshops) 
  • CIM Management Toolkit

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IESE Cities in Motion Strategies 
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