Public-Private Sector Research Center (PPSRC)

The role of government has undergone significant changes in the Western world in recent decades. The public sector turns with increasing frequency to the private sector to carry out its duties, and there are many governmental departments, both supranational and domestic, that share competencies and resources. With the advent of NGOs, the state is no longer the only non-profit entity.

In this context, the mission of the Public-Private Sector Research Center is to promote research into relations between the private sector and public administrations.

Created in 2001, it supports teaching activities at IESE and meetings among experts in the field. Research results are disseminated via academic conferences, research seminars, publications, forums and colloquiums. It promotes international initiatives such as PPP for Cities, dedicated to public-private collaboration in the smart cities arena and the informative initiative PPP-Public Private Partnerships.


  • Conduct research of the highest scientific quality at the intersection of the public and private sectors.
  • Consolidate a group of international research excellence with sufficient critical mass in the Center’s areas of activity.
  • Disseminate the scientific studies in the business media and administrations so as to affect public policy in Spain, Europe and Latin America.
  • Serve as a meeting forum for researchers, professionals, business leaders and public administrators.
  • Contribute to high-level business training in the public sector – private sector area.

Research lines:

  • Regulation and competition, with special emphasis on the study of regulated sectors such as telecommunications, media, energy, financial markets and health.
  • Innovation, including new technologies and patents.
  • Regional economics and industrial policy, emphasizing the location of the economic activity and company headquarters.
  • The welfare state, analyzing on an ad-hoc basis aspects related to the welfare state with a special focus on health economics.

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