ICWF - International Center for Work and Family



  • CFR – IFREI Forum

    Along the year there are forums about different topics, whose objectives are:

    • To promote Corporate Family Responsibility
    • To improve the results and employees´ satisfaction
    • To promote flexible and responsible leadership that benefits employees’ commitment and their work-family enrichment
    • To implement flexible corporate policies aimed at boosting employees´ motivation and client-orientation
    • To facilitate the tools and diagnosis required to create flexible and rewarding environments
    • To share information for integration and equal opportunities
    • To encourage the organizations to apply continuous improvement plans
  • Alumnae Conference

    The Alumnae Conference was held on the 12th and 13th of July 2012 at IESE Business School Campus Barcelona. It is a pioneer and innovative project, a meeting involving women leaders from different social stratum with an international and inter-generational female perspective. 

    The purpose of this meeting was to strengthen personal relationships and networking among executive and entrepreneur women from around the world. 

    Over 120 women attended this first meeting from 30 sectors and industries.

  • Focused Programs and Forums
    • Time Management
    • Women in Boards of Directors
    • Leadership competences
    • Executive Coaching
  • CFR Academic Conference
    • The ICWF organizes every two years an International Academic Conference with the best researchers and experts from around the world, in order for them to present their latest work, and discuss with colleagues issues related to Corporate Family Responsibility. 
    • The Academic Conference is an excellent environment to share information about the latest research on reconciliation and flexibility in the world. 
    • During the Academic Conference researchers present their work and discuss specific topics: Roundtables, Workshops, General Meeting, etc.

    5th annual International Conference of Work & Family: View Video 

    6th International Conference of Work & Family: Website - View Video

  • IFREI Researchers International Meeting

    Each year a meeting with all the Collaborators and IFREI Researchers is organized. Every two years it coincides with the Academic Conference of Work and Family held on the IESE Business School in Barcelona campus. Other years it is organized in a collaborator´s campus outside Spain.

  • European Network of Experts on Work-Family Balance, ENEWF

    IESE leads a select group of work-family experts of the European Union, from more than 12 countries. It is the European Network of Experts on Work-Family Balance (ENEWF).

    The objective of this network is to present work and family research projects to the European Commission.

    The first meeting took place on June 5, 2012 in Brussels at the European Parliament. Subsequently Renata Kaczmarska, UN´s Family Program Director, visited the ICWF of IESE Business School, to chair the preparatory meeting of the twentieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family, which will take place in 2014 around three themes: work-life balance, intergenerational solidarity and family poverty and social exclusion.

  • Continous Education Program for Alumni

    Both Professors Nuria Chinchilla and Mireia Las Heras participate actively in sessions organized by IESE Business School in different cities.

    • Desarrollando el talento en la organización. Madrid, June 5, 2014
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla
    • Impacto de las pensiones en la mujer. Jubilación y calidad de vida en España. Madrid, May 7, 2014
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla
    • Claves para capitalizar el uso directivo de Linkedin y Twitter. Barcelona, May 6, 2014
      Prof. Mireia Las Heras and Álex López
    • Gestión del tiempo personal y profesional. Zaragoza, March 11, 2014
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla
    • Changing Times and New Models of Leadership. Barcelona, February 20, 2014.
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla and Umran Beba, VP & Chief Human resources Officer Pepsico Asia, Middle East and Africa
    • Reconciling work and family: one of the UN's 3 priorities for 2014. Barcelona, June 11, 2012.
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla and Renata Kaczmarska, Director of the UN’s Family Program
    • Personal Time Management. Pamplona, April 19, 2012 and Buenos Aires, July 4, 2012
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla
    • Legacies of Women - The Global Summit of Women and IESE Business School. Barcelona, February 12, 2012.
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla
    • Balancing Professional, Family and Personal Life. Nueva York, October 4, 2011.
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla
    • Professional and personal Time Management, Professional Development Cycle – Core leadership Competencies. Barcelona, October 10, 2011 and Madrid, January 16, 2012.
      Prof. Nuria Chinchilla and Maruja Moragas
  • Think Tank. Public Administrations

    Since May 2, 1942 Spain has been out of its time zone, which leads to constant jetlag and does not help the necessary rationalization of working schedules. This was the subject discussed with this group of experts.


    • Joseph Collin, Member of the National Commission for the Rationalization of Spanish Schedules and their harmonization with the European Union.
    • Ramón Terrassa, Department of Welfare and Family - Generalitat de Catalunya. 
    • Esther Sánchez, Departament of Employment- Generalitat de Catalunya. 
    • Anna Mercadé, Chamber of Commerce of Catalunya. 
    • Jordi Grané, Chief of Staff of the City´s Council on Family, Childhood, Use of Time and Disabilities, Barcelona City Hall. 
    • Maite Marín, Social Director of the Association of Large y Mª José Solé, Parents Union. 
    • Eva Martí, HR Manager of Endesa Cataluña. 
    • Mercedes Aguilar, Csica - Independent Union of the Financial Sector. 
    • Jana Callis and Lourdes Esteban, from PYMEC Director of Industrial Relations and Social Policies, and Director of Training and Occupation, respectively. 
    • Francisco Gay, Partner -Consultant NCH&Partners. 
    • José Miguel Beneroso, Attorney from the Industrial Relations Department of Promotion.


    Prof. Nuria Chinchilla


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