Global uncertainty


Global uncertainty

The big idea of the 20th century is under fire in the 21st. How to respond with foresight, intelligence and, above all, empathy.

The multipolar century

Nitin Nohria, dean of Harvard Business School, believes that several major economic powers will co-exist and the world will be very different from the one dominated by Western economies.

Openness requires inclusion

Openness and competitiveness must be accompanied by strategic measures to ensure that no one is left behind and reduce the rise in economic inequality between countries.

4 keys to improve Europe’s security and defense

Jorge Domecq, executive director of the European Defense Agency, is committed to innovation and technology as means to strengthen Europe's security.

Peace: Good for business

The absence of violence and economic prosperity are closely related. Peace helps sustain the economy and vice versa.

Are we perceiving more polarization than there actually is?

Kate Barasz, Professor of Marketing at IESE, co-designed seven studies that shed light on the tendency to dwell on more extreme positions in order to quickly form a judgment.



The Big Picture: Crowdfunding

Alternative ways to fund your business.



How not to lose your head in a bidding war

Bidders have a hard time giving up. Personal experience and vicarious learning can be fundamental to keeping your cool under pressure.

Flexibility for the sandwich generation

Facilitating job flexibility for employees who care for both their parents and their children reduces their intention to change jobs and contributes to improved results.

Focus on the bests

Managers should not make the mistake of not supervising their best employees, as it can to lower levels of effort and engagement.

What kind of corporate venturing is right for you?

New research offers data on the time and budget required to implement each collaboration option between startups and large corporations.



Opening the black box of artificial intelligence

Marta Martínez Alonso, president of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, highlights the importance knowing how artificial intelligence systems are taught, and shares transparent and ethical ways to do so.

Positive partnership

Jürgen Rilling and Jean-Paul Destarac, both MBA graduates, explain how their transatlantic investor-entrepreneur relationship works.

How we took our business global

Natàlia Perarnau and Quim Serracanta, founders of Kids&Us, explain how to run a business in eight countries.

Today’s leaders recommend how to get ready for tomorrow

Today's global managers care about technology, mentoring, and teamwork. Three leaders discuss what it means to manage today and the qualities that will be needed to do so tomorrow.

Buildings for education must be flexible

The Ribas family of architects emphasize that educational spaces must be multifunctional and interactive, as well as pleasant and relaxing.



Don Quixote can inspire your decision making

Josep Maria Rosanas explains the position of James G. March regarding Cervantes’s masterpiece… and its relevance to business management.



How prepared is your business to make the most of AI?
By Javier Zamora and Pedro Herrera

Artificial intelligence tools are available to most companies. It’s the data that will make the difference. Learn which tools you need and how best to train them.

The brains behind your choices
By Elena Reutskaja

Choice is good but too much can be paralyzing. What is the right number of choices to offer customers? It might be fewer than you think.

Rethinking the funnel for the omnichannel age
By Guillermo D’Andrea

The customer of the future will live attached to "wearable technology," travel in self-driving cars and spend fewer hours at work. How can companies connect with that new consumer? The key is efficiency.

5+1 is much more than 6
By Paddy Miller and Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

To make innovation a reality you need to change not only employees’ attitudes, but their behavior. There are five practices that can help you do this, and one more that makes all the difference: personal motivation.



A recipe for success

Catalan chef Joan Roca explains what’s cooking between the three Michelin stars of El Celler de Can Roca, considered the second best restaurant in the world.


Global uncertainty