Tech at a turning point

Reckoning with digital transformation


Tech at a turning point

The World Wide Web has just turned 30 years old. What is the best way to manage, learn and innovate for the next 30, making sure customer trust is never breached?

How will digitalization affect your sector?

New technologies can enhance or destroy your business, either sooner or later. A matrix reflects the scope and speed of impact they can have.

“Any transformation needs transformational leaders”

How can legacy and new business be managed at the same time? Mark Thompson, president and CEO of The New York Times Company, uses the media paywall phenomenon to illustrate.

Toolkit for tomorrow’s executives

A study by IESE professor Josep Valor sets out the seven elements necessary to compete successfully in the most digitized sectors.

“Focus on the opportunities to make a positive social impact”

Bibop G. Gresta, co-founder and owner of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, explains what it takes to make technology projects a reality.

Yes, you can bypass IT

Robert Wayne Gregory, Professor of Information Systems at IESE, offers six tips for taking a creative approach and being more agile when working with IT.



The Big Picture: Are electric cars the future?

Will electric cars replace gas-guzzlers? In the future, both types of vehicles are likely to coexist.



The right investment mix for retirement

How much should you invest in equities and how much in fixed income to get the most out of your money? Look at the optimal percentages of investing in stocks in each country and on a global scale.

Beware of hiring star talent

Hiring an industry star doesn't necessarily mean they’ll make your organization shine. On the contrary, they can drag down performance at both the individual and corporate levels.

5 whistleblowing tips

Guarantee anonymity and promote moral or economic incentives to encourage honest reporting throughout your company



Brexit views

What are the effects of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union? Four experts talk about potential impact on the aerospace, food, automotive and tourism sectors. In turn, Mike Rosenberg, Professor of Strategic Management at IESE, comments on the importance of managers being aware of geopolitical realities.

“We need to serve multiple stakeholders”

Paul Polman, President of the International Chamber of Commerce, reflects on corporate governance, the role of the CEO and the board, and the need to manage with a long-term view

Road warriors

The project of three MBA graduates reinvents coach travel and harnesses technology to revitalize an increasingly declining industry.

Think big

Mariano Puig, winner of the Kingdom of Spain Business Career Award, defends an open mindset when it comes to making important decisions, a lesson he learned in IESE's General Management program.



Kickoff time for marketing

Iñigo Gallo recommends two marketing gurus who don’t follow the beaten path.



Leading with compassion
By Jonathan Passmore

Compassion has multiple benefits: it reduces stress, fosters positivity and creates an environment of psychological safety. We explain how to cultivate it in your company.

5 mistakes every family business should avoid
By Josep Tàpies

There’s no such thing as zero risk, but there are some things that are clearly predictable and avoidable. Here are five risky situations in a family business.

Rankings: a double-edged sword
By Antonio Dávila, George Foster, Xiaobin He and Carlos Shimizu

High-growth company rankings can give your startup the reputational boost it needs, but unless you understand the metrics used, you'll fall off the lists just as quickly as you got on them.



An unexpected talent

Clive Gillison, executive and artistic director of Carnegie Hall, never set out to run a company. But leadership has taught him a new way to be creative.


Tech at a turning point