New paradigms in purpose, ownership and engagement


New paradigms in purpose, ownership and engagement

A conversation around the purpose of business was already underway when the coronavirus hit. For many, this global crisis marks a before and an after. What are the issues that executives and directors need to reflect on now, as they look for purpose beyond profits in a radically altered business environment?

Amra Balic: “Value is extending to values”

BlackRock’s head of EMEA Investment Stewardship sees positive signs that mark a shift in investment priorities.

Board basics

The board of directors is meant to be a collegial body, yet that’s not always the case. To function properly, everyone needs to understand what they’re there for. Do you?

Herman Daems: “Ask the tough questions and come prepared”

A veteran chairman of multiple boards on both sides of the Atlantic discusses what it takes to be a good director.

Next on the agenda: digital disruption

Gaizka Ormazabal suggests the ways in which technological disruption may transform corporate governance.

Unique challenges for boards of directors

Jordi Canals explains what boards of directors should do during these exceptional times.



The Big Picture: What’s the future of banking?

Fintech and platform-based competitors are eating into the market that used to be dominated by a few major international banks. As the rules of the game change, who will emerge as the winners?



Flipping the digital switch: keys when going digital overnight

Key takeaways from the IESE experience, similar to what many other organizations went through when COVID-19 forced everyone to shift their businesses online and work remotely in record time.

6 pointers when managing virtual teams

Remote work from home can be just as effective as being in the office — if you keep these extra considerations in mind.

Cash is king: advice for CFOs

The coronavirus crisis has brought a liquidity crisis for companies. These are the measures that CFOs should be taking to help make sure their businesses survive.

For more tips...

Go to where you will find a host of open-access resources, including links to online sessions, to help the business community and others work together to overcome this unprecedented crisis.



“Leaders need passion & empathy”

Micky Lawler, president of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), highlights what other professions can learn from tennis, where men and women both perform at the top of their game on the world stage.

United in action

The coronavirus outbreak has also seen an outbreak of solidarity and positive action. Here, we feature some inspiring stories that are representative of the many extraordinary efforts during these extraordinary times.

Simple by design

LOQI products showcase world-class artwork around the globe, thanks to the inspiring business idea of Belinda Klaes.

“Giving back to society keeps me motivated”

Thomas Leubner, Siemens’ Head of Global Learning and Education, uses strategic education and training opportunities for social good.



Generational opportunities

Businesses need to understand what makes the different age groups tick. The resources highlighted here can help you get into the heads of four key generations, thus delivering the best possible customer experience.



“Hurry! Only 3 left in stock!”
By Eduard Calvo, Ruomeng Cui and Laura Wagner

Many retailers disclose product availability to get customers to buy, but does it really boost sales and profits? By studying this effect in online retail, we identify the contexts where scarcity signals are most powerful.

How kindness culture can elevate your business
By William F. Baker

Successful companies all share a commitment to three principles: abundance, long-term relationships and regard for others. How well does your company encourage the growth and development of its employees, and then celebrate their accomplishments?

Leveraging inclusiveness
In conversation with Kathleen L. McGinn, Harvard Business School

What can companies do to really promote inclusion? Here are some keys for fostering egalitarian gender attitudes and more inclusive organizational cultures, leading to better outcomes for all.



A realist’s guide to happiness

Forget what you know about happiness. To become more positive, embrace the negative. This and other practical tips from positive psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar.