IESE introduces flexible-format PDD for executives

Programa de Desarollo Directivo (PDD) incorporates new online elements

Completed in eight months, the strong online element gives participants leeway to complete much of the program online from anywhere. Photo: Edu Ferrer

October 26, 2020

IESE has launched a new flexible-format Programa de Desarrollo Directivo (PDD), one of its flagship Spanish-language executive education programs, that allows participants to complete much of the program online.

Completed over the course of eight months, the strong online element gives participants leeway to complete a large part of the program online from anywhere. The PDD Flexible adds yet another option to IESE’s varied Executive Education portfolio, more necessary than ever in times of COVID-19.

“Today’s executives need learning solutions that offer flexibility in terms of time and space, and that guarantee the quality and personalization of the program, whatever the context,” said Philip Moscoso, head of Executive Education at IESE.

The PDD Flexible, which will be begin during 2021, will have a blended format, including live online modules and three in-person modules (for a total of seven on-campus days — at the start, mid-way and at the end of the program). This format guarantees continuous and personalized contact with professors, the program team and peers in class.

The program draws on methodologies used in many IESE programs (such as the case method, live interactive sessions, workshops, simulations, applied exercises, individual and group coaching, etc.). Combined with the latest technology of IESE’s virtual classrooms, this ensures that participants’ experience and interactions are optimal.

More than 18,000 managers

The PDD, in its face-to-face format and its new format, is a program for people who have 5-10 years of managerial experience and who want to deepen their skills and knowledge of management to obtain a 360-degree vision of the company.

The first PDD was delivered 60 years ago in Barcelona. Over the years some 18,000 managers from all over Spain have made the PDD a reference point in executive education.

Two decades innovating in digital education projects

IESE has long been a pioneering institution in executive education. Since its founding in 1958, it has used the HBS-created case method and promoted learning through discussion and continuous practice. In short, IESE teaches decision-making by making decisions.

For the last two decades, the school has bet on new formats and the combination of in-person classes and virtual activities:

  • In June 2001, it launched the Global Executive MBA, the first blended program of its kind.
  • Since 2013 IESE developed successful MOOCs and SPOCs, a number of which have won awards.
  • In 2019 the school launched its first 100% online focused program, and now counts on more than a dozen of the shorter format online programs.
  • Since 2018 it has had a state-of-the-art virtual classroom, with the capacity to connect 80 participants in real time. In addition, many of its classrooms are now hybrid, allowing professors to teach class to students both on and off-campus. In total, IESE has two virtual classrooms and 26 hybrid classrooms.

IESE’s innovative learning model combining in-person, blended and online classes, guaranteeing maximum interaction between its participants in any circumstances, is called Limitless Learning.