The most-read list for IESE Insight in 2018

Connected robots, keys for attracting top talent and novel forms of entrepreneurship are among the 10 topics that have drawn the most interest this year

December 20, 2018

Why might the arrival of a giant employer like Amazon be bad news for workers? What are companies missing if they focus on execution? Which countries are most attractive to today’s VC investors? Where in the world is women’s leadership most valued? How can large corporations fruitfully join forces with startups?

These are some of the provocative questions asked by IESE professors‘ research. And their answers provided IESE Insight’s most-read stories in 2018.

Here’s the full top-10 list:


Why Wages Stagnate in Areas With Few Employers  

We know monopolies negatively affect consumers. But what about workers? What happens when just a few employers hold most of the hiring power? New research shows that areas with high labor market concentration have lower wages. Here’s where to look and why it’s important.

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Connected Robots: Industry 4.0, Automation, and Why We Need to Let the Robots Communicate

Robotics is an industry game-changer, but what implications does this have in practice, from staffing to performance metrics? IESE’s Marc Sachon speaks to Stefan Lampa, Chief Executive Officer of Kuka Robotics, about today’s robots and how they’re going to change the future for all of us tomorrow.

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Why Execution Is No Longer the Key to Competitive Advantage 

Every Wednesday, Amazon’s top executives reportedly meet for hours to ponder the future. Why? Because looking to the future has become more important than execution for business success in VUCA times. Antonio Davila (briefly) explains his 70/30 recommendation.

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VC and Private Equity: Where Next to Invest — Taking Brexit Into Account

Beyond the U.S. and U.K., where are the most promising spots for private equity and VC fund investments? The VC/PE Country Attractiveness Index ranks 125 countries — and makes predictions for a post-Brexit world.

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Who Are Spain’s Business Angels and What Do They Like?

More professional and experienced — this is the latest profile of Spain’s business angels, according to the 2018 report by AEBAN, the Spanish Association of Business Angels. What remains elusive is the presence of women and interest in the social impact of investments.

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Can Elephants Learn to Dance? Unlocking Organizational Agility in Large Companies

Large companies are investing more than ever in innovation. But too often they fail to adopt the inventions their own innovation units produce. A 2018 white paper surveys executives across 11 industries to better understand why incumbent companies are struggling to be agile around innovation.

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8 Keys to a Better Employee Experience

With changes coming at breakneck speed, today’s companies must be highly adaptable. That’s where human capital plays a vital role. Marta Elvira and Paula Apascaritei offer eight recommendations to successfully compete for top talent.

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The Best Places to Be a Woman: Countries that Prioritize Female Leadership

Nordic countries lead the pack when it comes to women in leadership positions, according to a 2018 study of 34 OECD countries supervised by Nuria Chinchilla.

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Corporate Venturing: A David-and-Goliath Collaboration

It’s increasingly commonplace for large companies and startups to collaborate to achieve growth through innovation. So, how can businesses best take these projects through to fruition?

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New York, London and Paris Firmly Established as the Smartest Cities 

Although New York leads the IESE Cities in Motion Index, Europe is the geographical area with the highest concentration of smart cities, with 12 representatives among the top 25. Where does your city stand in the ranking this year?

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