Chair of Business Ethics

Holder: Domènec Melé

The Chair of Business Ethics works to integrate corporate ethics into business activities in an effective manner. With the aim of overcoming the longstanding separation between ethics on one side, and business and economics on the other, the Chair organizes diverse activities, such as the biannual International Symposium on Business, Ethics and Society.

It has also promoted several editions of the International Colloquia on Christian Humanism in Economy and Business, and offers a special series on corporate ethics and responsibility within the IESE Alumni Learning Program.

The Chair, which was created in 1999, collaborates closely with IESE’s Business Ethics Department, the Center for Business in Society and the CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance.

Research lines

  • Philosophy of economy, business and management. The underlying philosophical foundations of economic, organizational and business management theories and practices.
  • Humanist company cultures and management. The competing factors in the shaping of business cultures, such as the formulation and implementation of the mission statement and corporate values.
  • Christian ethics in economy, business and management. The Christian tradition with regard to the economy, business and management, and how to apply it to current situations and problems.
  • Foundations of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. The relevant aspects of corporate governance and general management from an ethical standpoint.
  • The relationship between business and society. The nature and the mission of the company, the relationship between business and society and the corresponding responsibilities companies have to society.
  • International management, globalization and solidarity. Ethical criteria to address the problems arising from internationalization, globalization and other circumstances faced by companies operating in developing countries.

Holder of the Chair

Domènec Melé, who has held the Chair since 2006, is a professor of Business Ethics. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya and a doctorate in Theology from the University of Navarra. He is the vice president of the European Business Ethics Network – Spain. He was the editor of the Journal of Business Ethics for 10 years and is currently associate director of the Humanistic Management Journal and a member of the editorial board of several international magazines.

The first holder of the Chair was professor Antonio Argandoña (1999-2006).