Space, the new frontier

How the future workplace is disrupting real estate


Space, the new frontier

The gig economy and workplace flexibility have led to a reinvention of the office and disruption in the workplace real estate market.

Beatriz Arantes: “Be intentional about what you say with your space”

The lead researcher for Steelcase's WorkSpace Futures group studies the relationship between people and the workspace they inhabit.

Daniele Di Fausto: “We can organize real estate according to the people”

The CEO of eFM considers that transparency in management and the absence of hierarchies are necessary to revitalize buildings for new generations.

Mireia Las Heras: “As a leader, you must have work-life balance”

The director of IESE’s International Center for Work and Family defends the importance of creating workspaces that allow personal and professional life to be compatible.



The Big Picture: Business opportunities in smart cities

Smart cities generate numerous possibilities for collaboration between the public and private sectors. Learn the keys to such cooperation and see if the cities that interest you meet the requirements.



Keys to better marketing campaigns

Was your direct mailing campaign a mistake? Reallocating the budget for email campaigns could increase revenue by up to 16%. A well-designed marketing campaign can make all the difference.

The downside of promotion

Trust is the main characteristic of effective teams, and a change in power can undermine the group.

The dangers of payment variability

Payment variability not only affects your direct suppliers, but also their suppliers. It is a chain effect that can go further than you imagine.



Asia’s century

Stephen Green, former CEO and Chairman of HSBC, and MBA graduates Jamesy Laya and Ryukichi Miyabayashi highlight the emerging role of Asia and the role it will play in the commercial sector going forward.

“Success comes from empathy”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, discusses the importance of understanding technology from the user's point of view.

Ripe for innovation

Viresh Prashar, co-founder and CEO of Fruital, predicts that the technology will disrupt the fruit and vegetable market.

Stop customers from suffering

Alejandro Lafarga, CEO of the Madrid distributor Red de Gas, suggests that taking the time to evaluate the service you offer customers can be beneficial to both clients and employees.

“It’s human to be afraid, but use it to keep moving forward”

María Belón, survivor of the tsunami that occurred in Thailand in 2004, shares the lessons she learned from the life-changing experience

Flour power

MBA graduate Amna Alymani recounts the difficulties Saudi women face entering the labor market, and discusses her project to employ and empower them.



Debunking the myths of corporate venturing

There are many preconceived notions about collaboration between established companies and startups. María Julia Prats tells us how it really is.



Inspire, Diverge, Converge: 3 steps to better decisions
By Stefan Stremersch

Current global uncertainty poses one strategic problem after another. I propose a method that works, based on combining "inspiration, divergence and convergence." Try it and lead your company to higher levels of success and profitability.

Good management
By Rafael Andreu Civit, Josep Maria Rosanas and José Antonio Segarra

The way you organize your company leaves traces, positive or negative, and conditions the happiness of the people who work there. Make sure to lay the groundwork fairly and efficiently.

Time check
A conversation with Nitin Nohria

How to control your agenda so it doesn’t control you.



2001: A creative odyssey

When 2001: A Space Odyssey was released, few could appreciate how prophetic the vision of director Stanley Kubrick would prove to be. Twenty years after the filmmaker's death, the creative process of the film provides many keys to innovation.


Space, the new frontier