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International conferences on women and leadership

Among other events, every two years we organize two international conferences to address different socioeconomic problems that directly affect female leadership and work and family balance:

IESE Women in Leadership (I-WIL)

IESE Women in Leadership (I-WIL)

The IESE Women in Leadership network provides a global community for women leaders of all ages and at all stages of their careers, where they can share experiences and encourage one another in the task of breaking the glass and cement ceilings they face throughout their professional career. I-WIL advocates diversity in companies by increasing the number of women in leadership positions and on boards.


Other networks and clubs for women at IESE

Through different initiatives, sessions, alumni gatherings, workshops, congresses and networking events regularly take place at IESE in order to connect female leaders from all over the world and help to foster learning, development and business opportunities for female talent:

Women in Business Conference

Women in Business Conference

Led by students in the IESE Women in Business (WIB) Club, this conference aims to help drive a new generation of female leaders. Students, alumni, faculty members and staff participate in the event to raise awareness about equality in the workplace, promote inclusive teamwork, and inspire a more collaborative culture.