“The only people that never fail are those that never try.”

Evercore Partners Chairman Pedro Aspe addresses MBA 50th Anniversary celebration in Mexico City

"If family life and social life isn't productive, in the long-term working life won't be productive either."

Prof. Mireia Las Heras at IESE's VI International Conference on Work and Family

Work and Family: Finding Balance as Technology Changes the Rules

Work-life balance is one of the defining labor issues of our time. Technology can enable flexible working practices while it can also blur the boundaries between the professional and personal. Finding balance has never been more complicated - or more potentially attainable. IESE's biannual International Conference of Work and Family features cutting edge research on today?s work practices.

“The superhero leader is a thing of the past.”

Franz M. Haniel, chairman of the supervisory board of the Haniel Group

The 6 Behaviors of Great Leadership: Franz M. Haniel, Haniel Chairman

"Great leaders," said Haniel during the opening of IESE campus in Munich, can be characterized by their competence, character and empathy. "They don't extrapolate, they anticipate; they are courageous enough to abandon a successful practice if necessary; they accept their social responsibility, build a culture of trust and cooperation and empower others." The event also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the IESE MBA.




Banks “Not Ready” for Digital

Study finds 78% of executives “unprepared” for digital transformation



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