Fees & Expenses

For the course starting in September 2015, the application fee is $150 through Embark.

MBA Tuition Fees
Tuition Fee€ 71,400
Health Insurance (1)€ 800
Program support fee (2)€ 3,200

(1)The health insurance fee is obligatory regardless of your health insurance status. This price relates to the months you will be on campus.

(2) The program support fee includes: core course reading materials, elective course reading materials, Student Council fees, access to relevant technology and on-campus IT support, library access and use of licensed databases for the complete length of the program.  

Admitted candidates must pay a non-refundable commitment fee of 5,000 Euros to hold their position in the program before the indicated fee deadlines. To confirm the intention to join the program a non-refundable reservation fee of 10,000 Euros must be paid before May 30, 2015. Both fees are deductible from the total program cost. If you are admitted when applying to our last deadline, both fees must be paid together.

Calendar of Payments
Enroll Year 2015Due Date (1)
Commitment fee€ 5,000Four weeks after the receipt of the admittance letter (the letter will specify the exact due date)
Tuition Installment€ 10,000 (2)Up to May 30, 2015
Payment MBA Yr 1€ 22,700Up to October 30, 2015
Payment MBA Yr 2€ 37,700Up to October 30, 2016

(1) Bank details:

Diagonal, 509
08029 Barcelona
BANK: 0128
BRANCH: 6501
ACCOUNT Nº: 0101401382
IBAN: ES19 0128-6501-5301-0140-1382

(2) last deadline applicants must pay both commitment and tuition installment at the same time. The tuition installment is non-refundable. 

Living Expenses

Living expenses in Barcelona are comparable to those in any major European city. IESE Business School has no on-campus accommodation, but we can assist you with a list of apartments for rent and general advice on how to find housing.

Estimated Monthly Budget
Students Living AloneMarried Students and Students Sharing Housing
Housing€ 750€ 900
Utilities€ 70€ 100
Telephone & Internet€ 70€ 130
Lunch at IESE€ 160€ 160
Groceries€ 180€ 300
Insurance€ 80€ 120
Transportation€ 80€ 130
Sports€ 50€ 100
Entertainment€ 250€ 350
Total per month€ 1.690€ 2.290

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