1st International Conference "From Big Data to Smart Decisions"

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1st International Conference "From Big Data to Smart Decisions"

Leading the Digital Transformation

Warsaw, March 20, 2014


The integration of digital technologies, such as social media, mobility and big data, into all aspects of our lives and society as a whole continues to grow at a rapid pace. Just a few years ago, there were about 100 million connected devices in the world (mostly PCs). Today there are more than 5.6 billion (mostly smartphones and tablets). This changes many familiar aspects of our personal lives, including how we interact with friends and colleagues, discover and consume new products and services, move from point A to point B, pay for things and manage our finances. It also has far-reaching implications for business and leadership. How do we respond to the changing expectations of our customers and employees? How do we rethink business models and strategies? How do we keep up with the dizzying pace of startup innovation? And, finally, how do we change our companies from within? To address these challenges, many organizations are now embarking on a new kind of innovation journey, one towards digital transformation.

This one-day conference, led by faculty members from IESE and Harvard Business School and supported by high-caliber industry speakers, will prepare you to spearhead digital transformation at your company. During the conference you will:

  • Analyze current drivers of digitalization (mobile technology, social media and big data) and their role in the transformation of business strategies and organizations.

  • Examine how firms can leverage social media to generate value across all functions.

  • Understand how to turn petabytes of big data into smarter decisions and new business models.

  • Become familiar with a framework to integrate the digital world into your business and develop new leadership capabilities to drive the change.


Prof. Anna M. Nikodemska-Wołowik 

Emilia Szostak

Date and Venue

March 20, 2014

InterContinental City Hotel 
Emilii Plater Street, 49

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