CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility

The CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility is committed to fostering, promoting and spreading new knowledge about corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is done through the generation of innovative ideas and concepts in the field of social responsibility, specifically aimed at the business sector.

Created in 2005, the Chair develops research projects, takes part in congresses and conferences, and organizes round tables and activities to disseminate information on corporate social responsibility.

It organizes the annual International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society, in collaboration with IESE’s Center for Business in Society. It also regularly offers the Spanish-language Focused Program Compliance, responsabilidad social y buen gobierno.

Research lines

  • The role of the company in society. Understanding how companies approach the role they play in society, how they identify their responsibilities and the tools they have for understanding social, economic and political change.
  • Including social responsibility in company management. Defining the importance of stakeholder interests in company management, how dialogue with them is established and what the role of business and sector organizations should be in this dialogue.
  • Raising awareness about social responsibility through the company. Studying the means at the disposal of companies to raise awareness of social responsibility among their staff, clients and suppliers.
  • Social responsibility in Spanish companies. Analyzing the state of CSR in Spanish companies so as to understand how they relate their social responsibility to the creation of a solid reputation, and how the concept of social responsibility differs from sector to sector, among other questions.

Holder of the Chair

Joan Fontrodona is a professor of Business Ethics and Analysis of Business Problems, and director of IESE’s Center for Business in Society. A Doctor in Philosophy from the University of Navarra, he sits on the boards of the Academy of Business and Society and Forética. He represents IESE at the United Nations Global Compact and at the Principles for Responsible Management Education. He was president the Spanish chapter of the European Business Ethics Network.