IESE and Crèdit Andorrà present new Chair of Entrepreneurship and Banking

Under the direction of Prof. Albert Fernández, the Chair will research new trends in business creation and forms of financing

The new chair is led by IESE professor Albert Fernández. Photo: IESE

September 29, 2020

Respond to the new reality companies are facing, promote value generation for society as a whole, offer solutions for entrepreneurs and promote and disseminate research in the field of entrepreneurship.

These are the main pillars of the IESE Crèdit Andorrà Chair of Entrepreneurship and Banking, presented during the online conference Blockchain, una nova visió d’Internet per generar valor”.

Led by IESE professor Albert Fernández, the new chair will have several research areas to help meet three main objectives:

  1. Promote business creation
    According to Fernández, “Crèdit Andorrà and IESE have a shared desire to aid the launch of initiatives that will contribute to the new economy. In this sense, IESE can offer an important boost to initiatives such as the Scale Lab Andorra hyper-acceleration program through Finaves, our entrepreneurship-support platform.”
  2. Generate knowledge
    “The Chair must also serve as a catalyst to promote knowledge within the academic sphere. Analyzing the country’s business environment, its needs, concerns and aspirations will allow us to be more specific when proposing lines of action, both to investors and when it comes to exploring new business opportunities,” Fernández noted.
  3. Disseminate new trends in business creation
    Dissemination of research is another one of the Chair’s pillars, with the organization of conferences and events to make public the acquired knowledge related to the Chair’s main areas of work, such as entrepreneurship, new technologies and current economic affairs, in particular, trade and tourism.

IESE Dean Franz Heukamp emphasized that the new chair must serve as a means of knowledge generation, putting this knowledge at the service of companies and individuals: “IESE is a pioneering school when it comes to creating networks between business people, entrepreneurs, investors and researchers. And this is where the new chair needs to play an important role, with projects and initiatives of true value.”

The new IESE Crèdit Andorrà Chair of Entrepreneurship and Banking will replace the previously existing Crèdit Andorrà Chair of Markets, Organizations and Humanism, which has been under the direction of IESE professor Josep Maria Rosanas for the past 14 years.