New ways of showing community

IESE alumni do their part to fight coronavirus

The global health emergency has reaffirmed IESE's commitment to forging leadership grounded in solidarity, hope and improving the social good. Indeed, it is more important now than ever before.

From manufacturing respirators to donating meals to students, our alumni community has responded to the unfolding pandemic. Here are just some examples of how members of our community are helping.

How to Help During the Health Crisis 

We’ve been in touch with many of you who want to participate in coronavirus relief initiatives. Below are a few ways that our alumni can help the IESE community, including current and future students affected by the pandemic.

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Contribute to the Scholarship Program 

The economic impact of the coronavirus crisis will lead to serious difficulties for young university graduates looking to finance an IESE education. Show the business leaders of tomorrow your support by donating to the scholarship fund.

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Hire from the IESE Community 

If you’re currently hiring or planning to hire soon, please consult our recruiting page for job postings as well as virtual resources from the Career Development Center.


Lifelong Learning and Leadership Essentials

We have a continuously updated collection of online sessions with professors and other materials pertaining to COVID-19 — a valuable open-access resource for those looking to lead through these turbulent times. And our Impact@Work newsletter will also keep you updated on what’s happening and how you and your business should respond to the crisis.

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