Sports Industry Initiative

Sports Industry Initiative


The global sports industry today is fast growing and far reaching with an enormous media, social and economic impact. With as much as €450 billion ($620 billion) spent every year in the industry, its complex business environment encompasses numerous and diverse participants – from rights owners (clubs, leagues, federations and athletes) to sports agencies, sponsors and broadcasters.

IESE’s Sports Industry Initiative addresses the industry’s prominence and long-term growth prospects by providing the research and teaching to help managers develop the skills, technical knowledge and vision to lead their organization in this fast paced environment.

IESE’s Sports Industry Initiative organizes several programs to support industry professionals in their training and development needs including the Sport Business Management Program, an annual International Industry Meeting, regular continuing education sessions and participation in international forums.

IESE’s Sports Industry Initiative carries out its research through the Center for Sport Business Management(CSBM), . Founded as an international reference for knowledge production and educational initiatives related to sports business management, the center’s mission is to research and teach the new challenges confronting professionals working in management of sports companies and organizations from an international perspective.

IESE Sports Industry Initiative
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