Public Management Initiative

Public Management Initiative

The tools to create positive social change

Our Public Management Initiative brings together government, business and social leaders to develop the collaborative approaches required to take on the complex and interrelated challenges affecting the public sector today.

Placing research and learning at the service of the public sector, this initiative offers executives the tools to promote and influence positive social change. The initiative’s research efforts and programs help executive participants to think with academic rigor and social awareness about public service and the impact that policies have on people, markets and institutions.

Our programs

We offer international development programs for senior executives in public administration. Our goal is to provide the education in policy leadership and public management needed to improve action programs and organizations.

Centers & Chairs

Our research

We carry out five lines of work in public management: public leadership; public administration strategy and regulation; the ethics of public decision-making and political thought; good governance: evaluation and improvement of public policy; and, lastly, civil society and social leadership. Interdisciplinary research is structured through the following chairs and research centers:

Public-Private Sector Research Center

The Public-Private Sector Research Center was created in October 2001. Its mission is to foment research on the relationships between the private sector and public governments and institutions.

Research results will be published through different academic conferences, research seminars, publications, forums and talks. With this we hope to open the door to cooperation and the exchange of ideas and initiatives.

In addition to research, the center, under the direction of Professor Xavier Vives, will promote IESE’s educational activities and meeting of experts in the field through seminars and conferences.


José Felipe Bertrán Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration

The José Felipe Bertrán Chair of Governance and Leadership in Public Administration was created with the aim to develop a conceptual framework and promote deep and rigorous reflection on public leadership, which will translate into improvements in management and competitiveness.

Directed by Santiago Álvarez de Mon, the Chair will analyze, among other issues: the function of leadership; managing the motivation of individuals; outsourcing; private management of public services; introducing management by goals and competencies; and the intensive use of new technologies.


International academic advisory board

Executive team