Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Initiative


The AI Initiative works intensely to put IESE’s humanistic vision of business based on the well-being of people – from customers and suppliers to employees and fellow managers  – at the heart of the transformation of our economies.

We envision a world where the benefits of AI are widely shared, the transformation of jobs and businesses humanely managed, and ethical issues addressed efficiently and fairly.

Research activities.

Human-machine interaction

Human-centric AI design and the impact of AI on people


Leading in AI-driven organizations and AI in leadership

Work and organizations

New structures and processes in AI-driven organizations and the challenges of transformation


Changes to strategy and business models in business driven by AI

Labor markets

Changing careers and skill requirements as AI spreads through the economy


Fair and balanced algorithms and the ethical treatment of people

AI research and resources from IESE.

Executive education programs in AI.