Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Initiative

The Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Initiative is a multidisciplinary project that will look at how artificial intelligence is impacting management, and will prepare executives to put Al to use in their companies in an ethical and socially responsible way.

Artificial intelligence, like electricity a century ago, is a general purpose technology that will touch every sphere of economic activity. That places new demands on managers to adapt to the changing competitive landscape, to transform their organizations, and to ensure that employees – and themselves — have the skills required. IESE’s new Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Initiative will meet those growing needs for research and education.

Research areas

The initiative conducts academic research on AI in business, encompassing both qualitative studies of managerial practice and quantitative studies using large datasets. Areas of research include:

  • AI skills and the labor market
  • Industrial automation and its impact
  • Development and use of AI in companies, especially in Europe
  • Future of work and organizations

Artificial Intelligence for Executives | Focused Program | IESE Business School

Executive education in artificial intelligence

Through specific programs, IESE helps business leaders and professionals develop their knowledge and skills related to artificial intelligence, a sector that is changing the world through its myriad applications in companies and the broader economy.

AI research and resources from IESE

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management
An open access presentation of IESE’s new initiative, featuring Dean Franz Heukamp and professors Sampsa Samila, Mireia Giné and Sebastien Brion.

Artificial Intelligence and Pricing
A paper published by professor Diego Aparicio about how businesses use AI to automate pricing decisions, but then face downsides that policymakers and managers must take into account.

The Demand for AI Skills in the Labour Market
A report documenting the dramatic increase in demand for AI skills from 2010 to 2019, and the higher wages for those with those skills, particularly at a management level.

AI Adoption and Firm Performance: Management versus IT
A report that examines the impact of AI adoption on firm growth, productivity and investment, and explores whether managers or IT specialists drive that growth.

La IA como clave de la recuperación
An article by professor Sampsa Samila in La Vanguardia that looks at AI’s role in the economic recovery following COVID-19.

Why the Time to Invest in Artificial Intelligence is Now
An open access session by professor Sampsa Samila.

The Future of Management in an AI World: Redefining Purpose and Strategy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
A book edited by professor Jordi Canals and Dean Franz Heukamp.