CGS - Center for Globalization and Strategy

CGS - Center for Globalization and Strategy


Rapid worldwide economic integration and growing interdependence among countries has accelerated the globalization process. Companies have been the promoters of this process, and at the same time, recipients of its consequences. In spite of several external obstacles, the globalization process continues to advance.

For this reason, it is important that high-level managers understand its effects on companies, as well as have clear conceptual frameworks for leading their firms effectively in a global and interdependent economy.

Lines of Research

The Center for Globalization and Strategy carries out research focusing on the following topics:

  • Global Strategy
    The phenomenon of globalization goes well beyond the concept of the global product and the standardization that is so strongly advocated by marketing departments. As well as thinking on a global level while working locally, it is also necessary to think locally in order to gain a greater understanding of the implications of globalization and its potential social consequences. It is furthermore necessary to understand society’s concerns and the causes and consequences of these concerns.
  • Competitiveness
    Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness and IESE’s Center for Globalization and Strategy have decided to combine their research in the field of competitiveness. This collaboration is aimed at improving understanding of competitiveness through the development of ideas and the generation of data, with a view to disseminating the knowledge gained through academic courses, publications and consultation work.

    This research includes a study of competitiveness and its implications for company strategy, the competitiveness of individual countries, regions and cities, and the relationship between competitiveness and society.
  • Strategic Alliances
    The need to create strategic alliances between companies is increasingly important as the complexity of competing becomes ever greater in the current unsettled climate. Businesses frequently have to react quickly and in several different directions. In many cases they need to make use of new skills which are difficult and sometimes impossible to develop over a short period of time.
  • Sustainable Development
    To what extent and in what way are leading companies incorporating sustainable development in their governance, strategy and operations? The Center is currently analyzing the sustainability of leading companies in several countries.
  • IESE Cities in Motion Strategies
    At a time where cities are facing unforeseen challenges, our main goal is to create innovative thinking and tools that will make local governments smarter. The initiative will connect a worldwide network of city experts and specialized private companies with local administrations all over the world.

    The urban areas are becoming the hub of the world economy and culture. Hence, Smart Governance - system of local strategies, policies, processes and tools - is now a critical factor to ensure sustainable urban ecosystems.

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Center for Globalization and Strategy
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