Senior Lecturer of Economics

• Degree in Law, Universitat de Barcelona

Joaquim Triadú is a Senior Lecturer of Economics and the Vice-President of IESE’s Public-Private Sector Research Center. He is Corporate & Compliance Officer of Mediapro/Imagina.

From 1983 to 2001 he held different positions in the Catalan government, including Minister and Secretary General of the Ministry of the Presidency, President of the Telecommunications Centre, Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, editor of Cultura magazine, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Education, editor of Crònica d’Ensenyament magazine, and legal adviser for the Citizen Information Service. In 2001, he became a partner in the public law area of the Garrigues law firm and the head of Business Development, and a member and Secretary of the Management Board of the Cercle d’Economia.

He is currently a member of the Advisory Board for Economic Reactivation and Growth (CAREC) of the Presidency of the Catalan government, the Chairman of the Board of the CIC Cultural Institution, the President of the Flos i Calcat Educational Foundation, a member of the Lluís Carulla Foundation and a Board Member of the F.C. Barcelona Foundation.