Ready. Safe. Go.

In person and on campus – and safe


At IESE we’re offering in-person classroom instruction. We’ve adapted our facilities and trained our teams to continue offering you a transformative, innovative and, above all, safe educational experience. We’re ready. Are you?


What to do if there’s a COVID-19 case on campus

We’ve created a detailed action plan for possibleprobable and confirmed COVID-19 cases among our community. We’re ready to help facilitate the medical care needed for anyone with symptoms, to identify close contacts and to take the isolation measures necessary to avoid the spread of the virus on our campuses.

Consult our protocol

How are we prepared?

Installations and people, always ready

We’ve prepared our campus facilities and equipped our teams with the flexibility, tools and knowledge needed to face this new reality.



Health and safety

We’ve designed comprehensive preventative health and hygiene protocols, with particular emphasis on controlled campus access, to minimize any risk of infection.


Innovation and enthusiasm

On-campus activities continue to go strong. We’re also offering our programs in hybrid formats and we’ve launched brand new projects.

Closer than ever

Closer than ever

The COVID-19 crisis has forced us all to keep a safe distance. But at IESE, we continue working to offer you the finest, and personalized, managerial training that will help you make a positive and lasting impact on society.

Until the pandemic subsides, we will continue to offer 100% of our programs online to participants from around the world who are unable to attend in-person classes.


“We have strict protocols in place to keep people safe on campus. What’s important is that everyone does their part. If each of us makes just that little extra effort to follow the guidelines – all of which are clear and quite simple – it will work out well for the entire IESE community. But we all have to do our part.

Franz Heukamp, Dean

We hope to see you very soon on our campuses!