February 2004 - January 2007

Project Scientific Coordinator:
Magdalene Rosenmöller, IESE Business School

The project Europe for Patients (e4p) begins from the premise that an increasingly integrated Europe offers potential benefits to patients through developments such as greater access to centers of excellence and actions that overcome existing trans-frontier imbalances between demand and supply. Yet for these benefits to be realized, there is still much to be done in terms of co-ordination of legal, contractual, regulatory issues, and in the provision of enhanced information to patients and care providers.

These actions, in turn, require a better understanding of differences in how health systems operate, on a day to day basis, and of the practical obstacles to greater coordination that exist. Europe for Patients brings together a multi-disciplinary team with extensive knowledge of the challenges involved in enhancing patient mobility within Europe, drawing on legal, health policy, and health services research perspectives, and covering all of Europe, including candidate countries. Importantly, this team builds on established, successful, collaborative relationships.


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