CIF - Center for International Finance



IESE - CIF provides an international platform where companies, public policy makers and members of the academic community can meet and exchange ideas on economic and financial topics that will give shape to the economic environment of the future.

 Some of these topics are:

  • Market globalization
  • Application of new regulatory changes
  • Market trends
  •  Real estate
  •  Insurance
  •  Company valuation
  •  Creating value for shareholders
  •  Mergers and acquisitions
  • International finance
  •  Banking
  • Capital markets
  •  Emerging markets
  • Corporate finance
  • Initial public offerings
  •  Management by objectives
  • Cash management
  •  Means of payment
  • Investment fund administration
  • To help establish the IESE – CIF agenda of activities.
  •  To gain free access to research material, events and networking opportunities generated by IESE – CIF activity.
  •  To identify specific research areas by sponsoring a professor.
  •  To influence policy and regulation. In the market context, to participate in the activities proposed through IESE – CIF.
  • IESE – CIF is a tool through which market ideas can be transmitted to society in general and to specific audiences.


IESE-CIF University of Navarra
IESE Madrid

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