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IESE Public

Public-private cooperation to solve
the great challenges of our times

Today, the boundaries between public and private management are increasingly blurred. Governments frequently turn to companies to develop new projects and services, and these companies need managerial rigor to efficiently manage public resources.

On the other hand, companies often turn to the public sector as a source of financing or as a potential client. And both players collaborate closely throughout the world looking for the best solutions to the pressing social, commercial, health, logistical and environmental challenges of our time.

IESE Public is the result of the integration of a series of proposals from our school which aim to analyze and promote the development of a public sector capable of better decisions and of cooperation with private initiatives.

Research areas on public management

In the current context of globalization and free competition, policies and regulations determine the scenario in which companies can operate. Some of these policies, such as European regulations on business mergers, regulatory mechanisms in network industries, and regulation of the banking sector and financial markets have a particularly special impact. For this reason, at IESE, we explore these issues through two initiatives:

An efficient public administration translates into social progress and a substantial improvement in economic competitiveness. For this reason, promoting excellence in the public management and the leadership skills of its top managers is one of our priorities. IESE’s leadership and public management training pivots on our years of experience in executive education and our deep and rigorous research on public service. These training programs are very mindful of the impact of policies on people, markets and institutions.

These are the spaces where we work in this management area:

In addition to producing the prestigious annual IESE Cities in Motion Index, IESE wants to contribute to the development of cities as increasingly sustainable, intelligent and positive environments for their citizens.

To do so, on the one hand, we connect a global network of experts in cities and private companies with local administrations around the world, in order to develop valuable ideas and innovative tools in the urban environment. On the other hand, we support public administrations in the organization, management and development of projects that involve public-private partnerships in the field of smart cities.

This work is channeled through two research platforms:

At IESE, we study this field of knowledge by focusing on the implications of globalization for business competitiveness and the evolution of society. We develop concepts and generate data that help companies and organizations to improve their understanding and performance in international strategy.

We generate rigorous learning through:

Executive education on public leadership

At IESE, we offer different programs aimed at ensuring that senior public officials and other executives in the public sector are capable of promoting positive social change. To do this, we establish creative approaches and partnerships to bring leaders from governments, businesses and civil society together.